Monday, August 25, 2008

65% Of Executives In Taiwan Suffer From Poor Heart-Lung Endurance

“Some 65 percent of the middle- and high-level executives in Taiwan lack regular exercise and as a consequence, suffer from poor heart and lung endurance, according to the results of a study released Thursday...The results show that they worked an average 9.5 hours per day, that most of them were sedentary office workers, and that 55 percent of them admitted they were not in the habit of taking regular exercise. The study also found that most of the executives suffered from physical fatigue due to their long working hours and preferred to spend their leisure time sleeping rather than exercising. The physical results show that 65 percent of them had poor heart and lung endurance, while 58 percent had weak leg muscles, with another 52 percent failing to meet standards for waist suppleness.”

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