Friday, July 30, 2010

Celebrity Trainers Join As a Community Rallies to Fight Childhood Obesity

“An army of green-clad families and youth slathered in sun block, wearing Accusplit pedometers will gather on August 14, 2010 for the 3rd Annual Tour de Fitness (TDF). Hosted by Nickelodeon’s Victorious starlet, Daniella Monet, O2 MAX will be partnering again with KooDooz. Celebrity trainers, the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce and health-conscious companies will band together for an interactive Santa Monica fitness march that serves to educate participants on the actions they can take to be healthy and fit. […] The founder, Karen Jashinsky, is a Certified Fitness Trainer and the first recipient of the First ‘Emerging Female Leader’ Award by IHRSA, the fitness industry’s professional organization. In 2007 she was also named ‘One of the 25 most influential young leaders in the fitness industry’ by IHRSA”

Town Sports International Holdings, Inc. Announces Second Quarter 2010 Financial Results

“Second Quarter Overview:

-- Revenue decreased 5.2% in Q2 2010 compared to Q2 2009.

-- Comparable club revenue decreased 4.2% in Q2 2010 compared to Q2 2009.

-- Total member count, excluding short-term summer, seasonal and student members, decreased 2.2% compared to March 31, 2010 and 3.8% compared to June 30, 2009.

-- Total number of clubs in operation decreased to 161 as of June 30, 2010 from 166 as of June 30, 2009.

-- Membership attrition averaged 3.3% per month in Q2 2010 compared to 3.5% in Q1 2010 and 3.7% per month in Q2 2009.

-- Loss per share was ($0.04) in Q2 2010.

-- Q2 2010 results include fixed asset impairment and severance charges, net of taxes, of $2.0 million or ($0.09) per share. Q2 2009 results included severance charges, early lease termination costs and rent expense related to an anticipated judgment in connection with a lease dispute, net of taxes, of $879,000 or ($0.04) per share.

Healthways and n4a Diabetes Demonstration Project Supports Improved Well-Being for Seniors

“Healthways, Inc. and National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) today announced the results of a recent diabetes demonstration project exploring the benefits of exercise in helping seniors manage chronic conditions and improve overall health. The n4a/Healthways Diabetes Demonstration Project included a customized 12-week Healthways fitness program geared towards seniors with diabetes. The program found that two-thirds of the demonstration project participants felt their health was much better or somewhat better at the conclusion of the program. Following the 12-week program, participants were more likely to rate their health as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ (39 percent post-program vs. 28 percent pre-program). Also notable, at the start of the program, 29 percent of participants reported physical pain associated with exercise versus 17 percent upon completion of the study. Participants also reported moderate shifts towards healthier eating, including increased intake of fruits and vegetables and moderate improvements in their functional fitness.”

Brazil Fitness Centres Spread As Brazilians Get Health Concerned

“The combination between an increase in the population's income power and the diffusion of a healthier lifestyle, together with definition of Brazil hosting the of the world's two largest fitness trade shows is heating up the market. From 2007 onwards, the number of gyms doubled to 15.551 in the country, which is only behind the US nowadays. The market generated US$1.11bil in 2009, according to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub (IHRSA Association). Seeing a great perspective ahead, SmartFit, launched on August 2009, counts with eight gyms already in four capitals is plans the opening of ten gyms per year. Edgar Corona, president SmartFit, says the goal is to attract people that has not went to the gym, which currently represent 70% of their clients. SmartFit's first two gyms were opened in Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro) and Morumbi (Sao Paulo). A!Body Tech, fitness chain directed to high income classes, is ready to enter in the low income classes as well with the launching of the gyms Formula.”

Make More Money: 4 Easy Side Gigs for Young Adults

“Teach Aerobics or Yoga - If you’re already an active aerobics participant or yoga adherent, chat with your instructor to see if your health club or facility has any free training programs. If not, look online for some major yoga training centers around the country. Some cost a couple hundred dollars, others more, depending on the level of certification you are seeking. The beauty of this side gig is that you get to improve your own health while making money! The average full-time salary of a fitness instructor, according to, is roughly $46,000 a year. If you were just to work on the weekends or evenings you could probably make $18 to $22 an hour with appropriate certification. (Psst…one growing yoga niche is yoga for kids!)”

Giles Brothers Open Sports Fitness Facility

“Former San Diego Padresteammates and Granite Hills High School alumni brothersBrian and Marcus Giles are back on the same team, again. Fresh into baseball retirement, the two are set to open the Giles Baseball & Sports Fitness training facility in Sorrento Valley. Along with partner Jason Nurse, the Giles brothers are looking to draw from their collective 20 years of professional baseball experience and give back by training and inspiring the next generation of San Diego athletes. The business is designed to improve every component of being a successful athlete. Marcus will be working hands-on, teaching hitting and other baseball fundamentals. Nurse, a personal trainer, will work with clients to improve athletic ability such as speed, strength and agility. Together they will both be teaching the importance of mental focus and having a good head on one’s shoulders.”

Health Law Augurs Transfer of Funds From Old to Young

"Ms. Baumann has one of the best government insurance deals the country offers. Since 2003, she has been enrolled in a Humana Gold Plus HMO. The plan is part of an experiment Congress started decades ago to make Medicare more efficient by paying private insurers to administer coverage. In rural areas, private insurers didn't rush into the market, prompting Congress in 2003 to raise the rate it paid. The government now pays private insurers an average of 9% more to operate the plans than it costs to run traditional Medicare, according to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission. Insurers must spend most of that overpayment on enrollees. As a result, Ms. Baumann's plan covers her ‘Silver Sneakers’ gym membership, worth $54 a month, at Franco's health club and spa...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The National Council For Certified Personal Trainers Obtains Accreditation From The NCCA (National Commission For Certifying Agencies)

“After 15 years in business and over 8000 personal trainers certified, the NCCPT has achieved what has become the ‘industry standard’ in accreditation as recommended by IHRSA (International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association). The NCCA's Standards exceed the requirements set forth by the American Psychological Association and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The NCCPT is only the 13th personal training certification company to receive this high standard of accreditation. ‘13 has always been my lucky number,’ says John Platero, the Director of Education. ‘We feel...

Brunswick Reports Second Quarter Results

“The Fitness segment is comprised of the Life Fitness Division, which manufactures and sells Life Fitness and Hammer Strength fitness equipment. Fitness segment sales in the second quarter of 2010 totaled $123.2 million, up 17 percent from $105.0 million in the year-ago quarter. International sales, which represented 54 percent of total segment sales in the quarter, increased by 39 percent. For the quarter...

Gold’s Gym Wraps Up Historic International Convention in Las Vegas

“After three days of powerful and unifying events, the Gold’s Gym global family heads home from a historic convention in Las Vegas. By all accounts, the company’s executive leadership, franchisees, ownership group, employees and partners are as energized as ever to carry on the company’s rich tradition as the world’s leading authority on health and fitness. ‘There’s an undeniable energy and spirit enveloping the brand that everyone in attendance is carrying back home with them,’ said Jim Snow, president of Gold’s Gym International (GGI). ‘As we honor...

Mixed Martial Arts Gym Opens In Woodbury

“Nick Kleinfeld went to school. He was working as an electrician. His mixed martial arts training was just a hobby. But the hobby soon became a passion. And the passion became a business. The Eagan resident recently opened Woodbury’s first mixed martial arts studio, Next Level Combat. Located at 1890 Wooddale Drive, Suite 600, the gym is fully equipped for beginners and experts. The goal, Kleinfeld said, is to offer area residents a new way to get fit and stay fit through mixed martial arts, commonly known as MMA. Kleinfeld, who has practiced and competed in mixed martial arts fighting for more than five years, received his certification...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

24 Hour Fitness Launches Two Programs to Support U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Hopefuls for the London 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games

“24 Hour Fitness, the largest privately-owned U.S. fitness club chain and the Official Fitness Center Sponsor of the 2012 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams, today announced two new programs to be made available to National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and their respective athletes, as they strive toward making the 2012 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams. The new Elite Membership and NGB Incentive programs, valued at more than $1 million, are designed to provide first-class gym and training access...

D.C. Developer David Von Storch Is Pumped To Take Fitness Centers To A New Level [photos]

“Gyms in Washington used to be just that: gymnasiums. Musty, ratty, gloomy rooms of iron, always underground. In the early '90s there was a subterranean Bally's on L Street NW and a windowless workout room at the YMCA. In 1995, after becoming majority owner of the Capitol City Brewing Company franchise, von Storch signed a lease-to-own agreement for a hulking restaurant supply building at 1612 U St. NW, the gateway to the dodgy, undeveloped U Street corridor. There, on the cusp of present and future D.C., he would create a new kind of gym that would anticipate an evolution of expectations. Fifteen years later: Expectations are being met. U Street is $18 glasses of wine and gleaming condos with doormen. The belly of...

Recession-Rocked Health Clubs Work To Win Back Members [slideshow]

“General Manager J.R. Ruis understands how tough it is for some of his longtime members at YouFit Health Club in Miami to pay even the rock-bottom monthly fee of $10. ‘The unemployment center next door is busy all the time,’ Ruis said. The recession hasn't spared swanky health clubs, either, including the Downtown...

Obesity Fears Inspire Mexican Office Exercises

“Mexico City government worker Agueda Galvan started stretching exercises out of fear of a heart attack, but also under an anti-obesity program introduced by her bosses. The pilot plan, which began in the city's finance ministry two weeks ago, is set to expand to all of the capital's ministries in a country with an expanding obesity problem. ‘A young coworker died from a heart attack recently and a lot...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Will Toning Shoes Really Give You A Better Body?

“The basic theory behind how the [toning shoes] are supposed to work makes sense to consumers, so it’s easy to see why many are quick to embrace—and purchase—the shoes, which range in price from $100 to $245. The common denominator is that they all have an unstable sole design, which forces the wearer’s body to constantly struggle to find an equilibrium or balance point. To make the shoes even more enticing to consumers, Skechers, MBT and Reebok each cite their own studies ‘proving’ the results one can expect from wearing their shoes. What they fail to mention, however, is that these studies are not peer-reviewed, and most are of questionable design. To test the effectiveness of the shoes and evaluate their claims, a team led by Porcari, John Greany, Ph.D., Stephanie Tepper, M.S., Brian Edmonson, B.S., and Carl Foster, Ph.D., designed a pair of studies, one evaluating exercise responses to walking in traditional athletic shoes (a New Balance running shoe) versus the popular toning shoes. The second study evaluated muscle activation when walking in regular athletic shoes compared to toning shoes. Across the board, none of the toning shoes showed statistically significant increases in either exercise response or muscle activation during any of the treadmill trials. There is simply no evidence to support the claims that these shoes will help wearers exercise more intensely, burn more calories or improve muscle strength and tone. ‘Don’t buy these shoes because of the claims that you’re going to tone your butt more or burn more calories. That’s absolutely wrong,’ says Porcari. ‘These shoes may be encouraging a fair number of people who probably wouldn’t put on a normal pair of walking shoes and go out and walk, to do so because they think they’re getting some super toning effect,’ says Bryant. ‘So if you want to look at a positive, it’s probably serving as a bit of a motivator to get a group of inactive individuals to at least get up and get moving.’”

U.S. Program Involves Whole Family To Tackle Child Obesity

“Zachary had always been a big child but when he turned 10, his weight started to rise rapidly and he stopped going outside to play. His parents, who had thought Zachary would ‘grow into his weight,’ become concerned as their son seemed to lose his zest for life and any interest in taking part in anything active. This led his mother, Leslie Frantzen, to sign Zachary up to a 10-week weight program at The Children's Hospital in Denver called the Shapedown Program which teaches not just the child but also the parents about nutrition, the emotional side of eating -- and that exercise can be fun. ‘I always knew that I turned to food to ‘self-medicate’ but I had no idea that children do that, too ... Shapedown has helped us, as parents, know how to validate Zach's feelings and how to help him understand them and work through them.’ Since signing onto the program in March, Zachary has lost about six pounds, trimming down from 134 pounds, and seen a 6.4 percent decrease in his body mass index (BMI) which measures body fatness based on a person's weight and height. ‘More importantly, Zach's moods have improved dramatically. He smiles more! He is motivated and excited about life again. He helps our family remember what is healthy,’ said Frantzen. Zachary is one of about 200 children referred by their pediatrician every year to attend the Shapedown Program which has a non-diet approach to weight management.”

Macon Health Club Hopes Marketing, New Programs Can Spur Turnaround

“Since at least 2008, The Medical Center of Central Georgia publicly has considered shutting down the club, which has been recording annual loses of about $100,000 a year. But recent changes point toward a possible turnaround, as a combination of cuts and additional programming could help the club break even or maybe even be in the black by year’s end, said Kevin Carter, director of the Medical Center’s wellness services. The club is currently operating at about a $15,000 loss to date this year, Carter said. ‘It’s a mainstay downtown, and really we’re trying to find...

Virgin Active Said to Be in Talks With Buyout Shops

“Virgin Active, the health and fitness chain owned by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, has been in talks with private equity firms over a range of options, according to press reports. According to The Telegraph, Virgin Active’s management has met with Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, the Blackstone Group, Advent International and...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Legislature Passes Bill Targeting Childhood Obesity

“A bill to restrict the sale of high-calorie, high-fat, and high-sodium snacks in schools has hit Governor Deval Patrick’s desk and could be law within 10 days. The legislation, meant to limit childhood obesity, cleared its final procedural votes yesterday. Under the bill, schools would be encouraged to sell nonfried fruit and vegetables, whole grain products, nonfat or low-fat dairy products, noncarbonated water, and juice with no additives. The bill would require plain water to be available to students all day at no cost. The legislation also encourages schools to join with local sellers of produce and seafood to cut costs and boost the Massachusetts economy. The guidelines on foods that schools may sell...

Health Club Takes to the Outdoors with New Running Clubs

“Virgin Active Health Clubs has launched Running Clubs at its 71 fitness centres across the UK. Inspired by the Virgin London and Brighton marathons, thousands of their health club members are taking to the streets, parks and tracks across the UK every week, making their surroundings into their gym for a fun, effective workout. Completely free to members of Virgin Active Health Clubs, Running Club sessions are timetabled alongside other weekly gym classes but take place outside of the health clubs themselves, allowing members to keep fit in the open air. Small groups of health club members simply meet at the appointed time and a Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach then leads the group on a running session around the area...

ReRev: Communicating Renewable Energy Technology to Spur Change

"Hudson Harr is the President of ReRev, which retrofits gym equipment into providers of alternative energy. ReNewComm, led by its Principal Peter Kelly, provides public relations and advertising services to cleantech and renewable energy companies. One has a new technology; the other helps entrepreneurs. Fitness centers are a paradox of modern living. Since few of us farm or do work involving physical labor, many of us drive to the local health club, exercise, and then drive back home or to work...

Extra Weight Adds to Economic Woes

“Years of being overweight not only contributes to health problems but also to a person’s economic woes, new research suggests. Adults who have been overweight since high school are more likely to be unemployed or on welfare than those who gained weight gradually during their 20s and 30s, according to a study published in The American Journal of Epidemiology. People who have been persistently overweight since high school are also more likely to be single at 40 and have no more than a high school education, compared with those who have gained weight slowly over time, the study showed. The researchers found that people with less educated parents were more likely to be overweight at a young age. But even controlling for parents’ lower socioeconomic status...

The Longer You Sit, The Shorter Your Life Span: Study

“The effect remained even after researchers factored out obesity or the level of daily physical activity people were engaged in, according to a study of more than 120,000 American adults. It's just one more reason to "get up and walk," said Dr. Jay Brooks, chairman of hematology/oncology at Ochsner Health System in Baton Rouge, La. "The message here is like everything in your life. People need to recognize that the things you do every day have consequences. And if you're in a job that does require sitting, that's fine, but any time you can expend energy is good. That's the key." The salutary effect of exercise on being overweight or obese, rates of which are at an all-time high, have been well documented. The authors of the study analyzed responses from questionnaires filled...

Overweight People Should Pay 'Fat Tax' To Cover Healthcare Costs, German MP Says

“‘The question must be admitted whether the immense costs that, for example, arise from excessive consumption of food, can be permanently paid out of the consolidated health system,’ said Marco Wanderwitz, the conservative MP for the state of Saxony. ‘I think it's sensible that people who knowingly live unhealthily carry a responsibility for it in a financial respect,’ said Mr Wanderwitz, who is also head of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats's group of young parliamentarians. He was supported by Juergen Wasem, an economist who said foods like chocolate should carry health warnings. ‘As with tobacco, we should tax the purchase of unhealthy consumer goods at a higher rate and pay that tax into the health system,’ he said. Germany's health system is funded by...

ViPR – Health Club Launches New Total Body Programme Kit

“It may look like a humble rubber tube but the appearance of this new piece of gym equipment can be deceptive. ViPR - which stands for Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning - is an effective piece of gym kit set to take health clubs at Virgin Active, the UK’s most innovative and exciting health club brand, by storm. Fitness centre members at Virgin Active Health Clubs have become hooked on the likes of swiss balls and BOSU...

LA Fitness Planned for Patchogue

“A 45,000-square-foot LA Fitness health club will be built in Patchogue's Gateway Plaza strip mall behind the Bob's Store and Home Goods, according to Max Brittain, vice president of Gateway owner Pergamint Properties. The health club is expected to be completed by early 2011...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Town Sports International Holdings, Inc. Announces Second Quarter 2010 Earnings Conference Call

“Town Sports International Holdings, Inc. a leading owner and operator of health clubs, will hold its quarterly conference call to discuss second quarter 2010 financial results on Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time. The conference call will be broadcast on the Company’s website at, in the "investor relations" section. An online archive of the webcast will be available within two hours of the conclusion of the call and will remain available through August 5, 2010.”

Wii Exercise Doesn’t Beat the Gym

“Using a Nintendo Wii Fit may not be too damaging on your knees. But it’s also not that beneficial for your heart. New research shows that people who use the video game console to exercise are not at a particularly high risk of suffering an injury. On the other hand, they’re also not getting a particularly valuable cardiovascular workout. During a nine-month period in 2008 following the introduction of the Wii Fit, users of the technology suffered 308 injuries that led to an emergency room visit, according to an estimate from a researcher at Ohio State University. The researcher drew...

'Get Moving' Can Be Vital Advice For Seniors

“The reasons older adults don't stick with, or start, a regular exercise routine are numerous, said Dr. William Hall, director of the Center for Healthy Aging at Highland Hospital and professor of medicine at the University of Rochester School of Medicine in New York. ‘Many of the women's groups I work with think it's not very womanly,’ he said, adding that others have said to him, "Wouldn't I feel self-conscious running around in Lycra?’ Yes, he tells them, but tight-fitting workout clothes are not a requirement. Fear of falling is another reason some older adults don't work out or get any physical activity, said Amy Ashmore, a spokeswoman for the American Council on Exercise, who is also a personal trainer and group fitness instructor...

Simones Health Club In Cirencester Raises Cash For Help For Heroes Charity

“A Cirencester gym is hoping to raise thousands of pounds for a charity which helps victims of war by holding a three-day endurance challenge. Simones Health Club, in Dyer Street, is taking part in the nationwide challenge, which will see people raising money by rowing, cycling and running non-stop for three hours. They hope to raise thousands of pounds for Gym for Heroes, which supports the charity ‘Help for Heroes’, who provide direct and practical support to those injured in current conflicts.”

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Health Clubs Offering Better Deals, Fewer Longterm Contract Demands [video]

“If you dropped your health club membership in hopes of trimming your budget during the recession, now could be a good time to get back into the fitness game. South Florida gyms and workout studios are fiercely competing with one another as consumers remain cautious about spending. Some are offering bargain-basement rates on stripped down programs, others dangle services such as child care or snazzy amenities like personal TVs. A few are extending hours. The bottom line: It's a buyer's market. So prospective gym rats should shop for a club that meets their needs and not be afraid to ask for a good rate requiring little upfront commitment, consumer advocates say...,0,2239826.story

Human Energy Powers Nanaimo Health Club

“Spin class sessions at the Nanaimo Athletic Club have always helped participants achieve a healthy body and healthy mind. Now with advanced technology, a greener planet is also achieved with every revolution of the pedals. Two weeks ago, club owners Chris Walden and Mark Marais installed an inverter created by Connecticut-based company The Green Revolution. The 15 spin bicycles are hooked up to the inverter...

Cybex Announces Second Quarter Results

“Net sales for the second quarter of 2010 were $27.7 million compared to $27.8 million for the corresponding 2009 period. The Company reported a net loss for the second quarter of 2010 of $0.4 million, or $0.02 per diluted share, compared to a net loss of $2.1 million, or $0.12 per diluted share, reported for the corresponding 2009 period. For the six months ended June 26, 2010, net sales were $53.8 million compared to $56.7 million for 2009. The loss for the six months ended June 26, 2010 was $1.1 million, or $0.06 per diluted share, compared to a net loss of $3.5 million, or $0.20 per diluted share, for 2009.”

Local Health Club Puts Community First to Help Sports and Arts Centre

“Parkstone Sports and Arts Centre has begun to benefit from Fitness First's local community programme. Staff members from Fitness First are volunteering at the centre to make a positive difference to the youngsters who use the facilities. Twenty three volunteers from the Fitness First support centre in Fleets Lane, Poole, recently spent a day decorating the interior of the centre which has suffered both at the hands of vandalism...

First Lady, MLB Team Up Against Childhood Obesity

“First lady Michelle Obama showed off her throwing arm Tuesday after making a pitch to Major League Baseball to help her fight childhood obesity. She announced that MLB and the MLB Players Association will team with the White House in the Let's Move campaign, which promotes exercise and healthy eating for America's youth...

Kid's Gym Chain SHOKK Has American Dream

“A chain of gyms for kids is looking to expand into the American and Far Eastern markets. Manchester-based SHOKK, which provides professional fitness training to young people aged between five and 18, is planning to open its first franchises in the new territories after succeeding in the UK, Australasia, China, Asia, Middle East and mainland Europe. SHOKK was established by entrepreneur Jonathan Williams...

The CrossFit Games: An Action Sports Investment Opportunity in the Making

“WODs, burpees, wall balls, kettle bells, and muscle ups. This is the language of a fast growing action sport that may be a 'diamond-in-the-rough' investment opportunity for sports sponsors in coming years. This is the language of CrossFit. This past weekend I had the privledge of witnessing The 2010 CrossFit Games. In its 4th year, this international competition markets their athletes as the fittest in the world. And this translates into the potential for commercial appeal both domestically and abroad.”

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Health Club Visionaries Head to Barcelona for the 10th Annual IHRSA European Congress

The International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), in partnership with Sport Managers Servicios Integrales invites you to attend the 10th Annual IHRSA European Congress, 18-21 October 2010, in Barcelona, Spain...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cybex Announces Date and Conference Call for Second Quarter 2010 Earnings Results

“Cybex International, Inc. , a leading manufacturer of premium exercise equipment, will discuss its second quarter ended June 26, 2010 in a conference call on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. ET. The Company plans to release earnings that same day. Those who wish to participate in the conference call may telephone (877) 857-6150 from the U.S. or (719) 325-4904 for international callers. A live webcast of the conference call will be available at or On CYBEX's website under the category Company, click on Press, scroll to the bottom and select Q2 Earnings Release Conference Call. Please visit the website at least 15 minutes early to register for the teleconference webcast and download any necessary software. Real Player or Windows Media Player is required to listen to the webcast. A replay of the call will be available until July 27, 2010 by dialing (888) 203-1112 or (719) 457-0820 for international callers. The access code for the replay is 4842960.”

Ant's Mind And Body Gym Elevates Training

“At 7 a.m. on a gray Bay Area summer morning, in a nondescript storefront near the MacArthur BART Station, an unlikely group of college and pro athletes and middle-aged adults gather for what looks like a meditation session. Mellow New Age music plays softly from a CD player as the dozen or so early risers sit cross-legged, breathe deeply and focus before rising to begin a very unusual workout. Guiding the group is Anthony Eggleton, known as Coach Ant, 51, a physical therapist who began training top Bay Area student athletes 20 years ago, first out of his garage in Berkeley, then at his gym in Richmond, a health club in Emeryville and a sports complex in Alameda...

No-Shame Programs May Appeal to Obese

“Australian researchers conducted a telephone survey of 142 obese people and asked their opinions about government regulation, public health initiatives, media campaigns, personalized fitness programs, gastric banding surgery, and commercial diet groups. The findings were published July 14 in the journal BMC Public Health. ‘This study provides a number of new insights into how and why obese individuals support and uptake different interventions,’ Dr. Samantha Thomas, of Monash University in Melbourne, said in a journal news release. ‘Importantly, participants supported public health interventions, which they perceived were non-judgmental, non-stigmatizing and empowered individuals to improve their lifestyles rather than focusing on weight loss per se. Participants in this study were less likely to view interventions as effective if they thought they were stigmatizing, or blamed and shamed individuals for being overweight.’ Because of the use of scare tactics, commercial dieting programs and media campaigns were rated as particularly bad by the respondents. Many viewed the dieting industry as ‘greedy,’ ‘a scam,’ and ‘a rip-off,’ Thomas said. ‘Ironically, many participants still said they would turn to commercial dieting to help lose weight and improve their health. This was because they had very little other support available to them,’ she noted.”

Swimming with the Fittest?

“This study, which involved 40,547 men ages 20-90 who completed health exams between 1971 and 2003, found that ‘swimmers had lower mortality rates than those who were sedentary, walkers or runners.’ But swimmers being more fit than runners? ‘It doesn't quite make sense to me,’ says [Steven Blair, a leading exercise scientist from the University of South Carolina and study lead] with a laugh. Over the course of the study, 1,336 of the 20,356 runners (or 6.6%) had died, compared with only 11 of the 562 swimmers (1.9%). ‘That small number of [swimmer] deaths could lead to erroneous conclusions,’ he says. In addition, the study was ‘observational’ — that is, the researchers simply followed the different groups of people over...,0,1332646.story

Friday, July 16, 2010

LA Fitness Eyes Two Sites In City Of Pittsburgh

“After pumping out four fitness centers in suburbs such as Bridgeville, Monroeville and Pleasant Hills, LA Fitness is now working out a plan to establish two locations in the city. The Los Angeles-based health club is negotiating with the Soffer Organization to establish an LA Fitness location in the East Carson Street corner building formerly occupied by Joseph-Beth Booksellers, according to local sources familiar with the plan. At the same time, LA Fitness has an agreement to buy the former Don Allen Mazda dealership on Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield, which it expects to redevelop into a new health club there, sources say. The real estate sources spoke anonymously to maintain their business relationships.”^3655601

Spaulding's Institute Of Lifestyle Medicine (ILM) Applauds Release Of Physician Competencies For Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine

[full text available upon request]

Jama Commentary Urges That Physicians Take Responsibility For Assisting Patients In Making Health Behavior Changes

“The Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, a leading organization in lifestyle medicine education, applauds yesterday's publication in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) of a set of physician competencies for prescribing lifestyle medicine. The competencies, developed by a blue ribbon panel of physician experts, including the ILM's Founder and Director, Edward M. Philips, MD, and representatives from leading primary care and other medical associations, were released as part of a commentary by American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) representatives Drs. Liana Lianov and Mark Johnson published in the July 14th issue of JAMA. ‘This is a landmark event. The principles of lifestyle medicine are foundational to health promotion, disease prevention and chronic disease management. Yet we believe this is the first time that a comprehensive group of physician stakeholders has met to determine what it is that physicians in primary care practice should know about this vital aspect of modern medicine," says author and ACPM President Mark B. Johnson, MD, MPH, FACPM.’

Parents Of Obese Children May Be Guilty Of Neglect

Dr Russell Viner and colleagues from the UCL Institute of Child Health in London say that the weight of a child by itself is not a reason for child protection staff to get involved. But in an article on what they accept is a potentially contentious issue, published online today by the British Medical Journal, they suggest that it may be appropriate to consider the child protection register if the parents consistently fail to change the family's lifestyle and will not engage with outside help. ‘Parental failure to provide their children with adequate treatment for a chronic illness (asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, etc)

Excess Weight in Older Women Linked to Diminished Memory

“Middle-aged women who are overweight may have yet another motivation to take off those excess pounds: The more a postmenopausal woman weighs, the worse her memory, researchers have found. What's more, the negative impact on memory was more pronounced in "pear-shaped" women who carry excess weight around their hips, and less of a factor in ‘apple-shaped’ women who carry it around their waists...

Yoga, Blast Walls And Life In The Afghan ‘Kabubble'

“If you're thinking about taking a yoga class at Kabul's Fig Health Centre, you'll be relieved to know that the yoga studio windows are packed with tilting stacks of green sandbags. That way, if a car bomb goes off during yoga class, the sandbags and anti-blast glass will offer a little extra protection from flying shrapnel. ‘It's unusual, but that's the state of business,’ said A...

Gabriella Aims High With The Help of David Lloyd Leisure Southampton

David Lloyd Leisure Southampton has become the main training ground for the UK’s under 12’s Tennis number one, Gabriella Taylor

Thursday, July 15, 2010

London 2012 Signs Technogym as Fitness Equipment Supplier

“The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) today confirmed that Technogym has become the latest tier three supplier to London 2012. Technogym will supply and install fitness equipment for athletes in the Athletes’ Village and other training venues, becoming Official Fitness Equipment Supplier. The main gym facility will be located at the Athletes’ Village and will provide thousands of competing athletes with top of the range fitness equipment for their event preparation. Alongside the facility at the Athletes Village, Technogym will equip several gyms within the other competition and training venues by installing a total of over 750 pieces. Technogym will also be responsible for the design and layout of the facilities...

Downtown Gold's Gym Project Seeks $6 Million In City Bonds

“Compass Properties' renovation of a vacant building into a large fitness center that's being leased to Gold's Gym could benefit from a $6 million bond issue by the city Redevelopment Authority. The authority would not lend money for the project. But, by approving a bond issue, Compass could sell tax-exempt bonds, issued in the authority’s name, that would allow the firm to borrow the money at a lower interest rate. Compass would repay that debt to the bond purchaser, M&I Bank. Compass in May started renovations to create the Gold's Gym...

Hard Bodies Need Hard Workouts, So Go Ahead And Stretch Yourself In The Gym

“Who's getting a better workout in a step class: the gym junkie who knows the moves and fluidly mirrors the instructor, or the klutz who's frantically jumping all over the place in a desperate attempt to keep up? If you said the klutz, you are right. And we have a winning strategy for the gym: Don't be afraid to be bad. People have a tendency to gravitate toward what they know. But while any exercise is beneficial, repeating a routine won't get you very far. ‘You don't want to do the exact same thing over and over again. There's a huge advantage if you get a different type of challenge,’ says Jeremy Rucker...

Embattled Lee Farkas Sells Compass Gym On SR 200

“The Compass Health and Fitness gym on State Road 200 has been sold and the new owner says the transition to All Pro Fitness will be as seamless as possible. The Compass gym on Pine Avenue will remain open under its current ownership by Lee Farkas, former chairman of the now-bankrupt Taylor Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp. ‘It's completely separate,’ said Bryan Myers, the new owner of the SR 200 gym. ‘All we are going to do is improve the place.’ Myers, who bought the gym from Farkas, said he will honor all the Compass memberships until they expire and will not change the rates....

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fitness First Puts Customer Care at Top of the Agenda With NVQ Success

“The country's largest gym chain is reinforcing its commitment to customer service with NVQ training being rolled out throughout the network of health clubs. Working with training provider Lifetime, the pilot scheme has been so successful that it is being rolled out nationally with all club based staff set to reach level two or three by the end of 2012. The first 50 employees have now been presented with their...

First Lady Holds Live Chat on Childhood Obesity

“Obama also advised parents to frame exercise in a fun way to help encourage children to get off the couch. ‘I think we should talk about physical activities as play, which is actually what it is,’ she said. ‘I think our goal is to make sure that we're not treating this like a task or a penalty. That's the trick with kids, getting them to do things that are good for them without them realizing it.’ The first lady also spoke last night at the NAACP National Convention, where she also highlighted the perils of obesity, especially among African American families. ‘Surely the men and women of the NAACP haven't spent a century organizing and advocating and working day and night only to raise the first generation in history that might be on track to live shorter lives than their parents,’ she said.”

Get Fit With GOT MILK?

“Summer is here and having a beach body is top of mind. But experts say keeping healthy shouldn't be a seasonal lifestyle; it should be a way of life. That's why the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB), the creator of GOT MILK?, is launching an online nutrition and health blog called GET FIT WITH GOT MILK? ( It's a six-month, "mid-year resolution" program where users can get help from a dietitian and a personal trainer all for FREE. Experts say six-months are sufficient to see results and to change habits for the better and to achieve the healthy weight and body people have always wanted by the New Year! ‘We want Californians to know that they can pick up where they left off in the New Year to get fit,’ says Steve James...

Gold's Gym Opens Youth Tennis Center

“Tennis and personal finance are two topics not usually seen in the same sentence when discussing children’s activities, but Peter Freeman is hoping to instruct Douglas County kids on both this fall. A former sales manager for Equipoint Financial and director of tennis at Almaden Valley Athletic Club in San Jose, Calif., Freeman is looking to spread his knowledge as the Director of Tennis at the Gold’s Gym in Douglasville. Freeman’s goal is to open the sport of tennis to children and area schools through a program called Quickstart.”

En_Core Fitness Takes On Freeform Board Distribution

“Australian distributors En_Core Fitness Solutions Pty Ltd have added a new product to their offering by taking on the exclusive distribution rights to the freeFORM Board. The freeFORM Board is the perfect training partner that replicates dynamic movement from a number of sporting styles as well as the practice of yoga. The freeFORM Board uses the principles of functional training to provide a simple and natural extension of the body and helping to develop functional core strength, mobility, balance, flexibility, agility and endurance more efficiently and effectively...

Closed Chain Exercise Is Crucial

One of the more recently popular fads is suspension training, using straps like the TRX, to create a bodyweight workout. While these movements can be easily performed with other cheaper, simple equipment, such as a pullup bar, one of the reasons TRX is so effective is its nature of being a closed-chain exercise. Closed-chain exercise occurs when the hand or foot is fixed and cannot move, remaining in constant contact with a surface, usually the ground. Some examples include lunges, squats, push-ups and pull-ups. The opposite of these movements are called open chain exercises, such as leg extensions and bench press. Closed-chain movements usually involve multiple joints and muscles, causing a much more efficient stimulus to allow the body to...

Anytime Fitness To Open New Branch In Marshfield This Fall

Owner Dick Weinberger started a branch of the fitness center in Weston in 2006 and said his experience will help speed the profitability of his new location. ‘I think with the experience I've gained over the past three to four years, we expect the Marshfield one to be profitable in the first year,’ Weinberger said.’We expect the club to gain enough members in the first year to be on good footing.’ Weinberger, who lives in Woodbury, Minn., works full time as a high school teacher and football coach. In his free time, he oversees management of the Weston Anytime facility. He checks in with the manager weekly or as needed.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

American Heart Association Scientific Statement: Combined Behavioral Interventions Best Way to Reduce Heart Disease Risk

“Combining counseling, extended follow-up with a healthcare provider and self-monitoring of diet and exercise is the most effective way to help patients embrace lifestyle changes that can lower their risk for heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular) diseases, according to a scientific statement published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association. Current healthcare policies should be modified to encourage these interventions, the study's authors said. ‘We need to do a better job finding ways to help people not only change their behaviors, but maintain them over a lifetime,"’ said Nancy T. Artinian, Ph.D., R.N., professor, associate dean for research and director of the Center for Health Research at Wayne State University College of Nursing in Detroit, Mich. ‘As healthcare providers, we're pretty good at saying that you are at risk for a disease, you need to lose weight, be more physically active, and eat more fruits and vegetables. While that's easy to say, it's not easy for the person to actually translate it into their everyday life.’ The statement is based on an extensive review of peer-reviewed scientific studies. Artinian and her co-authors identified several critical parts of effective behavioral change programs, including healthcare providers using a motivational interviewing technique to encourage patients to make healthier lifestyle choices, counseling patients that occasional setbacks are normal, and scheduling recurring follow-up sessions with patients The most effective patient-controlled behaviors include setting specific goals for physical activity and dietary improvements, and keeping track of progress towards their goals, Artinian said.”

Calorie Counters On Workout Equipment May Not Be Giving You An Accurate Reading [video]

“Eric Gerber is a trainer at the Beverly Hills Health Club. He says the machines are within 20-percent of being accurate. Eric says weight-bearing machines like treadmills, and stair climbers are going to burn more calories in shorter amounts of time. He says the bikes would probably be next on the list. Then ellipticals. The exercise machines get their estimates from metabolic equivalents – or METS – which measure how much oxygen your body uses. Dr. Barry Franklin of Beaumont Hospital says this is critical. According to Dr. Franklin, ‘Oxygen level during exercise is really the key to energy expenditure. I say in many respects it is the crystal ball of medicine. For the most part the more oxygen you can take in the higher your MET capacity, the better your survival, the better your longevity.’ The equipment you use for cardio at a health club or at home uses information on the number of METS it takes for you to do a certain exercise, plus your weight. It then gives you an estimate on the number of calories burned. We decided to find out how accurate the calorie count a regular treadmill would be versus a medically controlled test on a treadmill. On each, I walked for five minutes at a rate of two miles per hour on a 7% incline. On the gym treadmill I burned about 4.5 calories per minute versus 4.97 in the control test – about a 10% difference. Bottom line, machine or no machine, you can use this intensity gauge for how you feel when working out. If you want to burn more calories you simply have to work harder and longer. And if you’re like Wayne, set a high goal.”

Monday, July 12, 2010

San Diego Luxury Businesses Adjust to Tough Times

“As we enter another summer of The Great Recession, consumer spending is down—more than 30 percent according to a recent Gallup Poll—and even those who can still afford to splurge are being plagued by ‘luxury shame,’ reports a recent issue of Entrepreneur, so they avoid high-end retailers like Bloomingdales or Nordstrom in favor of Target or—gasp!—Wal-Mart. FIT Athletic, a luxurious, $9 million, 47,000 square foot athletic club in downtown San Diego's East Village (with more than 3,000 members)...

ABC Financial and InTouch Technology Become Partners To Help Clubs Communicate More and Sell More Memberships

“ABC Financial and InTouch Technology are pleased to announce a new Web Service that enables the sharing of Prospect/Lead details between TouchPoint and ABC’s DataTrak club management software. This will provide a seamless management system that allows clubs to efficiently gather and follow up with all their leads and then easily manage their membership process.”

A Little Exercise, Vitamin D Can Help Fight Off Alzheimer’s

“Two new studies have revealed that a little exercise and vitamin D can help you fight off Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The studies focused on different ways to help reduce the risk and progression of cognitive decline. The first study of the pair had researchers focus on a group of 1,200 people, all around the age of 70 or above. The study took place in Framingham, MA and revolved around the level of exercise that people in this town attained. What they found by watching exercise levels was that those who were able to take part in heavy amounts of exercise reduced their risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia by 40%. Researchers concluded in this study that those who got very little exercise were nearly 50% more likely to develop Alzheimer’s than those who were in the heavy exercise group.”

On Health, Strides Being Made, But More Strides (Literally) Needed

“North Carolina topped the scales at 10th in the nation for obesity, according to a report last month from the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Nearly 30 percent of the state's adults are obese. Among Tar Heel minorities, the trend is even more troubling. The adult obesity rate was 41.1 percent among blacks and 25.7 percent among Latinos compared with 27 percent among whites. Changing a community's habits on eating and exercise takes time, but the Asheville area has made some strides in the past six months. More than 2,300 people participated in the winter installment of Lighten Up 4 Life, which is now being run through Mission in Asheville, Pardee Hospital in Hendersonville and McDowell Hospital in Marion. As of April 23, participants had shed 58,766 pounds.”

Lode Health Club Making Splash Again

“A full-service health club that closed last fall in Arnold has reopened under a new name and with new owners. Kline's Fitness Center closed at the beginning of October after almost three decades in business, the victim of declining revenue and a bank foreclosure. Body Language Fitness partially filled the void left by Klines by offering fitness and martial arts classes in a nearby shopping center storefront. In late June, however, the new owners of the former Klines building struck a deal to move Body Language Fitness into the building and to have Body Language owners...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Healthways Recognized as One of Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles by National Business Group on Health

The National Business Group on Health, a non-profit association of large employers, has honored Healthways, Inc. for its commitment and dedication to promoting a healthy workplace and encouraging their colleagues and families to support and maintain healthy lifestyles. Healthways, a well-being improvement company, was among the employers that received the 2010 Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles award at the Leadership Summit sponsored by the National Business Group on Health’s Institute on Innovation in Workforce Well-Being. Healthways received a Gold Award for its innovative Move to Health engagement program. This marks the second year Move to Health has received an award...

Phys Ed: Your Brain on Exercise

“Some of the most reverberant recent studies were performed at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. There, scientists have been manipulating the levels of bone-morphogenetic protein or BMP in the brains of laboratory mice. BMP, which is found in tissues throughout the body, affects cellular development in various ways, some of them deleterious. In the brain, BMP has been found to contribute to the control of stem cell divisions. Your brain, you will be pleased to learn, is...

Tai Chi and Qigong Offer Many Health Benefits: Review

Researchers reviewed 77 randomized controlled trials about Tai Chi or Qigong that were published between 1993 and 2007 and included a total of 6,410 participants. The authors said their review provides a "stronger evidence base" that Tai Chi and Qigong offer benefits in terms of bone health, cardio-respiratory fitness, physical function, balance, quality of life, fall prevention and mental health...

NABEF enlisting broadcasters to fight childhood obesity

“First Lady Michelle Obama has some potent allies in her pursuit of the “Let's Move” anti-childhood obesity effort. Television and radio operators, with the encouragement and assistance of the National Association of Broadcasters Educational Foundation, will be promoting healthy dietary and exercise choices. The NAB joint board passed a resolution in support: “Be it resolved that in recognition of growing concerns about childhood obesity and the potential impact on our nation's healthcare and wellness of children; the NAB Board of Directors and by extension its member local stations and networks...

John Cardillo, CEO of Premier Fitness Announces New Burlington Location

he new Premier Fitness will be adjacent to the existing Mademoiselle Fitness & Day Spa. ‘This is our fourth location in Burlington. This new club location in north-east Burlington will give Premier Fitness full coverage of the Burlington area.’ States John Cardillo, CEO of Premier Fitness. "We have always had many enquiries in the north-east Burlington area and are happy to be bringing this new state of the art club to the community.’ This new Premier Fitness is unique as it will be open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It will offer the typical array of equipment and facilities found...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Trip To The Gym Is The Best Medicine

“It was a year ago that I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and on Thursday I will mark the occasion with my annual checkup with my doctor Lisa Elconin. I expect good news again. I have kept my A1C levels below diabetic levels for every checkup since I was diagnosed. And I do not expect the news to be any different. I have not been perfect as an eater, but I've been much better the past year than at any time in my life...

Fitness Studio Business May Indicate Upswing Economy

“Many people want to know when this bottomed-out economy will begin to lift and looking at personal training studios may be a clue if times are getting better. Owner and personal trainer for Ultimate Fitness Studio, Brad Lamb said after a tough two years his studio is back in good shape and that may be a sign the recession is lifting. ‘We’re a high income business. I don’t see the recession on my end anymore,’ Lamb said Because personal training is an extra expense in day to day living, Lamb said he was scared when the economy hit bottom. ‘A lot of peo...

Crunch Fitness Announces New Location in Lake Forest, CA

“Crunch announces it will open its second location in their new line of franchise clubs in August 2010 in Lake Forest, CA at 23633 El Toro Road. Occupying the former Bally's Total Fitness, this new Crunch outpost will be one of the anchor tenants in the Twin Peaks shopping center, bringing the brand's No Judgments philosophy to the health-conscious Lake Forest community.”

Tyne Valley Residents Making The Most Of Wentworth Hi-Tech Gym

“People living in the Tyne Valley can get all the benefits of biking without having to leave the room after new equipment was installed in a leisure centre. Wentworth Leisure Centre in Hexham consulted local local people, including the chairman of One Life Racing Triathlon Club, Alan Copland, and installed the Wattbike. Hailed as a new concept in exercise bike, it is endorsed by UK Cycling and offers the closest experience to road cycling possible in an indoor setting. It has a console which monitors and records where the cyclist's power lies, if both legs are working equally hard, and highs and lows in power...

Giving Inactivity The Boot

Easy conversation and banter filled the air as a dozen boot campers finished jogging a 5:30 a.m. warm-up lap around Himmel Park. ‘Today's going to be a hill day,’ said Paul Rose, the easygoing instructor who owns Urban Athletics Boot Camp. Some groaned good-naturedly before running up and down a modest hill on grass still damp from an early-morning watering. Urban Athletics is one of more than a dozen boot camps in town that attract determined Tucsonans in the wee hours of most mornings. These people haven't enlisted in the military. They actually pay for this. Boot camps started appearing in Tucson parks and gyms in the early '90s, and their popularity continues to increase. The camps in Tucson meet mostly in parks at sunrise or in the evenings...

Downtown Site To Reopen As 24-Hour Fitness Gym

“A new fitness center has signed a lease to open at the site of the former Fitness Factory. A franchise of Vanguard Key Club is slated to open in September, Newburyport Development leasing director Ann Lagasse said yesterday. The health club is affiliated with the four Vision Fitness Key Clubs located in New Hampshire and Maine. The Vanguard club, will look to capitalize on its location and around-the-clock access. As a key club, the gym is available to its members 24 hours a...

Newly Renovated Sport & Health Club at Kingston Plantation

“Kingston Plantation, located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina announces the completion of the renovation of The Sport & Health Club. Charleston Fitness Equipment a subsidiary of Carolina Commercial Fitness Equipment, consulted and installed the new fitness equipment. When it comes to working out, it's good to have choices. And that's what you'll find at Kingston Plantation's Sport and Health Club in Myrtle Beach...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Star Trac® Reorganization Fueled By Michael Bruno Acquisition

“Star Trac, a global leader in the commercial fitness industry, announced today that Michael Bruno and Star Trac have signed an agreement whereby Bruno will purchase the controlling interest in Star Trac's parent company. This will strengthen the company's ability to provide the product innovation, quality, reliability and customer service that have been the Star Trac brand legacy since 1988. The parties expect to close within two business days. Financial terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed. Bruno, a highly respected fitness industry veteran for more than 20 years, also has holdings that include...

Nautilus, Inc. Expands Board of Directors

“Fitness company Nautilus, Inc. today announced M. Carl Johnson, III has been elected to its Board of Directors. ‘We are very pleased to have Carl join the Nautilus, Inc. Board of Directors,’ stated Edward Bramson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nautilus, Inc. ‘His strong background in corporate expansion strategy and marketing will provide additional expertise as we leverage our restructured platform in the retail and direct channels with current and expanding product lines...

Fitness Industry Expands In East Bay

“Walnut Creek and Pleasanton have landed new 24-Hour Fitness super clubs, an indication that the Bay Area fitness industry has managed to buck the region's sour economy. San Ramon-based 24-Hour Fitness has struck a deal to open a Walnut Creek fitness center on a parcel that a concrete company once used to crush rocks. Separately, the privately held fitness company also has agreed to lease an existing complex in Pleasanton's Hacienda Business Park. The facility once was used by the Tri-Valley Herald as a newsroom and publishing plant. ‘We're very excited about opening both clubs,’ said...

Why Exercise? Health Trumps Beauty, Poll Shows

“If you look upon fitness addicts as shallow narcissists suffering grimly for the body beautiful, it may be time to look again. Most dedicated exercisers view working out as their apple a day, not their path to preening perfection, a new poll shows. Staying healthy is the reason most fit adults gave for hitting the gym, and they are doing it for the ones they love. Even a belt-tightening economy has not led the active to skimp on...

Boulder Fitness Club Starts Building $1.6M Outdoor Pool

“The Colorado Athletic Club-Boulder this week began work on its $1.6 million year-round outdoor pool, an installation that marks another project on a construction-laden stretch of 30th Street. The six-lane, 25-meter outdoor pool; children's ‘splash pad;’ Jacuzzi; and accessory buildings will sit...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stretching for Success

“Super-sized fast food meals, video games, television and soft drinks. Heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes. These are just a few of the factors in a cause/effect relationship that is creating business opportunities for entrepreneurs who are dedicated to fighting for the health of the nation. More than 60 percent of American adults are overweight, and about 25 percent are obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The epidemic of expanded waistbands presents both an opportunity and a challenge for the health and fitness industry in...

New Partnership With IHRSA and Fitness Business Canada

“A new, strategic partnership between the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) and Fitness Business Canada (FBC) will deliver new services to fitness providers across Canada along with an exclusive registration package for Canadian delegates to attend the 30th Anniversary IHRSA International Convention & Trade show in San Francisco.”

No-Frills Snap Fitness Finds Market Alongside Giants

“Kipp Edgington and Eric Ferch opened Snap Fitness gym near Grandview Heights in September 2008, a month before the economy collapsed. Two years later, they aren’t struggling for business, nor do they lament the timing or reduced recession spending. Edgington has been able to quit his day job as an information technology headhunter and the pair has grown the business to five franchised clubs in Central Ohio with plans for 10 more divided among Columbus, Indianapolis and Charleston, S.C. Of course, Snap Fitness isn’t the only operator targeting Columbus. Lexington, Ky.-based Urban Active has six facilities in Central Ohio after opening a Grove City gym this year. It expects to open one at Grandview Yard this fall. Locally owned Aspen...^3595931

A Simple, Hard Answer To Long Life

“Friends occasionally ask me how they might best live healthy, longer. They inquire because I went to medical school, work in biotech, and focus professionally on developing drugs to treat diseases of aging by targeting aging genes. My response seems to surprise them, because it does not center on pharmaceutical products. The current answer on how to increase healthy human lifespan is simple: ‘Eat less, and exercise more.’ Increasing healthy lifespan has always been a goal of medicine. Some of the greatest advances in achieving it have been public health measures — clean drinking water and improved hygiene. Similarly, one of the most important current means to increasing healthy lifespan may be via public health measures that help Americans to muster the willpower to eat less and exercise more. Modern medicine has discovered an impressive number of lifesaving new drugs for devastating diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and infectious diseases. Nevertheless, for most of us, active lifestyles and less food will have a more profound effect than taking more medicines. Hard as it is, we should walk, run, and bike more, and reduce our food intake. The best way we can increase our chances to live healthy, longer is simple: eat less and exercise more.”

Bodyscapes Opens Fitness Center In Hingham

“BodyScapes said it has just opened a fitness center in the Launch retail district of the Hingham Shipyard, a mixed-use development that includes luxury residences, office space, and a marina in Hingham. This opening marks the company’s third full-service fitness location, following the first center in Southborough in 2004 and another in Brookline in 2008.”