Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Study Of Obese Mice Finds Weight Training Melts Fat And Improves Metabolism

“When it comes to losing weight, pumping iron may be just as important as running on the treadmill, suggests a new study in the February issue of Cell Metabolism, a publication of Cell Press. Researchers used a genetic trick in obese mice that caused the mice's muscles to bulk up as though they had been lifting weights. The researchers found that the "genetically reprogrammed" mice lost fat and showed other signs of metabolic improvement throughout the body. What's more, those benefits were seen even though the mice continued eating a diet high in both fat and sugar and didn't increase their physical activity at all. ‘We've shown that type II muscle does more than allow you to pick up heavy objects,’ said Kenneth Walsh of Boston University School of Medicine. ‘It is also important in controlling whole-body metabolism.’”

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