Monday, October 5, 2009

Activity-Boosting Tips Listed On National Child Health Day

“Today is National Child Health Day, a day when Americans are urged to work together to prevent problems and improve childhood health. One of the biggest obstacles facing kids today is the growing problem of childhood obesity. Many times, childhood obesity can be prevented by helping children stay active. Chillier months present a challenge to keeping kids off the couch and away from the TV. So, this Child Health Day, Cheryl Jones, creator of Sports Clubs for Kids at Town Sports International, is sharing 10 fun fitness tips for kids in colder weather. 2.Enroll your child in an instructional class, such as dance, gymnastics, swimming or indoor sports classes. 3.Find indoor activities at your local skating rink, bowling alley, laser tag center or rock-climbing gym. 4.Discover a local community center or health club with basketball courts, pools or tennis courts. Shoot hoops, swim or volley tennis balls across the net. 7.Check out fitness classes for kids or mommy-and-me group exercise classes at your local health club or gym. 9.Summer is not the only time for camp. Look for school’s out holiday camps and mini clinics at your local health club or community center. Kids can enroll in half-day or full-day activities.”

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