Friday, October 30, 2009

Dramatic Increase In The Number Of Obesity-Related Hospital Admissions

“The number of people in England being admitted to hospital for a condition linked to the fact that they are very overweight has jumped to 8,085 in 2008/09 - a 60 per cent rise on 2007/08 - according to a report released today by the NHS Information Centre. The figures relate to obese people needing treatment for a variety of issues such as breathing problems, Type 2 diabetes, circulation or organ failure, or heart disease, that are all strongly linked to them being overweight. People receiving surgery such as stomach stapling are also included in the data. Overall, in England there were 14.2 million hospital admissions in 2008/09, a 5 per cent increase on 2007/08 (13.5 million).”

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