Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Are You Missing Out on These 'Wellness' Freebies?

“The incentives companies use to drive participation in their health programs take various forms. These can range from retailer gift cards to relief on their health-care premiums. At Prudential, the financial-services company based in Newark, N.J., for example, employees get $150 (taxed as regular wages) if they complete a health risk assessment. Prudential encourages employees to exercise and offers discounts to area fitness centers. For example, employees who wish to join one of the New York Sports Club sites can save $20 a month off the passport membership with a one-year contract. Employees at Paychex, a Rochester, N.Y.-based payroll and human-resources provider, can earn up to $300 cash each year by accumulating points for doing certain physical activities. They earn 10 points for getting a flu shot (available on site, free), 25 points for taking a fitness class, and 50 points for participating in three phone calls with a health coach..."

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