Friday, March 26, 2010

Better Ways to Help the Public Lose Weight

“It seems like everywhere we turn — whether it’s bans on school bake sales, required calorie counts in fast food chains, or First Lady Michelle Obama toiling in her White House garden — we are being told to watch our weight. There’s even the national Campaign to End Obesity, which is ‘dedicated to reversing America’s costliest medical condition’ and advocates for ‘federal policies that promote healthy weight.’ Encouraging healthy lifestyles is important, but are these campaigns placing more stress and even a stigma on the obese? What sorts of public initiatives can promote good eating habits without possibly resulting in discrimination against overweight people? Insight from:
* Harriet Brown, author, ‘Brave Girl Eating’
* Kelly Brownell, professor of psychology
* Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, professor of epidemiology
* Alwyn T. Cohall, Harlem Health Promotion Center
* Ellyn Satter, registered dietitian”

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