Friday, November 21, 2008

elements™ for Women Announces Expansion Into Vibrant, Emerging Latin American Markets

“Miami-based fitness brand elements™ has entered into a deal with prestigious development firm Feher & Feher in Mexico to launch the upscale brand in the Latin American markets. Considered one of fastest-growing economies in the world and the forefront of the lifestyle industry, entry into Latin America will significantly expand elements’ global reach within the fitness category. ‘Our Miami headquarters and multi-lingual staff uniquely position elements to lead and support growth in Latin American countries. We believe that Latin America is the next great growth area for the fitness industry and are working closely with global partners such as IHRSA to ensure that the brand can develop quickly in strategic locations,’ said elements™ brand director, Christopher Palumbo. elements™ already has franchises in development in several world markets such as India, Canada, and Eastern Europe. The brand continues to expand into lucrative international fitness markets and strengthen global ties. The elements™ international franchise division is also currently in talks to announce signature clubs in Kuwait, Dubai, Australia, and nearly every major city of Canada by the end of the year. Palumbo states, ‘U.S. fitness brands do extraordinarily well with international consumers. It is the theory that ‘geography builds credibility’. By partnering with elements™, these international locations will build fast credibility and association.’ The elements fitness brand differs from other health club providers with its balanced approach to a healthy lifestyle: body, beauty and mind. Relying on expert guidance and support, elements™ creates a platform for women to come together in an environment of health and wellness. The brand also features an online magazine and media channel, elements living, a full-service interactive diet program, BalanceD™, and a full retail line. Teaming with elements™ in this expansion into Latin America is the international franchise agency Feher & Feher. The Mexico-based firm will assist in the translation of websites and manuals into Spanish and Portuguese, as well as work with elements™ on local cultural marketing translation and international franchise consultation.”

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