Monday, November 10, 2008

Keep Your Health A Top Priority During These Hard Economic Times

“Fitness is now a luxury? With the economy at an all time low the fitness industry is struggling to keep programs, classes, and members coming back to the gym. Years ago, a US report showed that 80% of Americans that belonged to a health club, never used the club membership on a regular basis. These people paid the membership dues each month, yet failed week after week to step one foot into the health club they joined with good intentions. With the economy struggling, fitness and health is now being labeled by some as a luxury item they can no longer afford. But let’s face it. I don’t see regular folks dropping pounds because of hard sacrifices and manual labor. The majority of adults are still considered clinically obese and what is worse, we are passing those traditions and unhealthy habits down to our children. Millions of dollars are still being paid to those wealthy pharmaceutical companies for blood pressure and diabetes medicines. I don’t see the fast food industry struggling either. Now is not the time to put your health or your children’s health on the back burner. Now is not the time to find yet another excuse on why you cannot make a change in your lifestyle. Today is the day to begin making baby steps to a healthier tomorrow. How can you do it? One day at a time. If you have a gym membership it’s time to start using it. You pay for it! Find the time (I promise, it’s there) to begin a routine. Make an appointment to go to the gym. Get a workout buddy or a trainer to keep you motivated into keeping that appointment if you struggle. Our current financial situation is tough. We all are hurting in the pocketbook. Regardless of your financial situation do not let your health be considered to be a luxury item. That is just something you truly cannot afford.”

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