Thursday, November 13, 2008

Running Medcentral Fitness Center New Outlet For Groves

“When MedCentral Health & Fitness Center manager Brady Groves talks about helping members clear physical and psychological hurdles, he's speaking from experience. Some 30 years ago, he plowed through both kinds of roadblocks as an undersized, 151-pound center on the Malabar High School football team. ‘Some people put up psychological barriers about exercise,’ Groves, 48, said. ‘Maybe they're struggling with depression or a spouse doesn't want them to exercise at night. A lot of people are resistant to change, so we teach them to get through those barriers.’ Groves spent six years in sales and marketing for MedCentral. He has wasted no time putting his creative skills to work since taking his new post at the fitness center in late June. ‘Quest to be your Best’ is one of the programs started under his watch. It's targeted toward diabetics and pre-diabetics, with members of Groves' staff working in concert with the social services and food/nutrition arms of the MedCentral health system to help clients with their fitness needs and goals. ‘This program is for people who might be thinking, 'I can't change my lifestyle; I can't get motivated to exercise,' Groves said. ‘Working with various departments at the hospital we can bring all the pieces together.’ A sports medicine clinic is also located inside the West Fourth Street complex, where those rehabbing from an injury are given a 30-day membership to the fitness center to encourage the continuation of a wellness lifestyle. ‘We call ourselves a medically-based clinic,’ Groves said. One of his biggest challenges is convincing individuals and area companies that fitness is a necessity not a luxury. ‘Do you spend that $62 on a family (gym) membership or put it in the family van?’ Groves said. ‘I got that question answered as companies that were subsidizing fitness memberships for their employees cut costs. It was OK to be a member when those employees were only paying half-price, but now there is more strain on the family budget.’ ‘We're trying to show companies that exercise is still important. Promoting wellness is something I've been doing for more than six years. I like being around this environment. I like seeing people get through their barriers.’”

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