Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finding Franchise Opportunities In Today's Economy

“Tough economic times are not only upon us, they're likely to stick around for awhile. While the fundamentals of the U.S. and global economies are struggling as 2008 draws to a close, the election of a new U.S. President could have a powerful positive impact on the current crisis of confidence - and pry loose some of the financing from nervous lenders. The shakeup in the economic environment also means opportunities for those smart enough to figure a way to find the nuggets and prosper in these troubled times. For franchisees, whether single-unit owners just starting out or multi-unit operators with a healthy cash flow, knowing where to look is the key to success. Personal services have remained strong so far, and look to continue. These include childcare and supplemental education (art, math, gyms); senior and elder care (home healthcare, nursing, assisted living placement, and legal services); as well as fitness centers for adults (whether a traditional health club or the growing number of concepts providing one-on-one personal trainers).”

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