Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Buff Enough For Bollywood

“With one eye on muscle-bound Bollywood megastars, young Asian men are increasingly hitting the gym in pursuit of the body beautiful. Deepak Harbias from Hounslow is typical of the trend. ‘I come to the gym about five times a week, I don't have any fast food any more. I'm taking protein shakes and protein bars,’ he says. ‘After I left college I was at home for 10 months and put on weight. I knew I had to do something.’ One of the UK's biggest suppliers of training supplements, Essex based Bulk Supplements Direct, says it is seeing a massive rise in the number of Asian men taking them up. From January 2008 to December 2008 the company saw an average 21% increase in business month on month from the Asian community, owner Kunel Patel says. And after a very busy start to 2009 he expects that to rise even further. Personal trainers, gym owners and sports supplement suppliers all claim it is the ripped Bollywood hunks who are the Mr Motivators behind the trend.”


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