Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Renovated Weight Room Opens

“The new weight room in the Gosman Sports and Convocation Center which features 14 new free weights and 17 new machines, officially opened Jan. 5 after students [Brandeis University] voted last year in a specific one-time vote to use the Student Union's $100,000 in rollover funds from the Student Activities Fee to remodel the weight room and refurbish it with new equipment. Students voted to remodel the weight room, because much of its equipment was outdated and the room itself was in need of remodeling. ‘Most of the equipment was as old as the building itself,’ Assistant Director of Athletics Robin Seidman '99 said. He explained that all the weights and dumbbells are new, but that the University kept some of the bars and attachments on the machines. ‘There is a pretty stark contrast between the old and new equipment,’ he said. There are 17 new select-rise Cybex machines, in which the weights are self-contained and the users select the amount of weight they would like to use. Seidman also said that in remodeling the weight room, the administration intended to make it more user-friendly. ‘The goal was definitely to design a weight room that fits the needs of all students to enable everyone to take advantage of the new equipment,’ he said. All of the machines now have instructions so students will be able to use them more easily, which Seidman believes will make the weight room a ‘little less intimidating’ for students not necessarily accustomed to such machines. Seidman said that the feedback has been very positive so far and that students have been using the weight room since its opening. ‘So far everyone seems happy with the results, and I hope that continues. I hope it is a place the student body is happy with, and that it attracts more students to work out,’ he said. He also said that students respect the new equipment and keep it in the weight room. ‘In the past we have had too many incidents of stolen weights. All of the new equipment was purchased for the benefit of the entire Brandeis community, and I hope the community does not steal dumbbells and weights from the Athletic Center.’”


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