Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kai Fitness Centre Prepared To Launch Female-Only Gyms Once Regulations Are Clear

“The owner of Kai Fitness Centre in Jeddah has revealed that it would be the first chain in Saudi Arabia to open a health club for women once there are clear regulations on operating female-only gyms. Kai Fitness owner and founder Dr Badr AlShibani said: “There is a huge demand from women to have their own fitness centers. However, there is no clear government regulation on this. ‘At present, KAI Fitness Center is a men’s club,’ continued AlShibani. ‘However, as soon as there is a clear regulation regarding building fitness centres for women, we will be the first to invest.’ AlShibani said that currently people can ‘operate a women health club if it’s technically connected to a hospital’. He said, however, that the increasing awareness in Saudi Arabia of the positive impact of exercise on health would be the ‘catalyst’ to bringing in new regulations regarding female-only health clubs. AlShibani said he was committed to encouraging Saudi nationals to workout at the gym by expanding Kai Fitness and making it affordable. He revealed expansion plans for 25 branches of Kai Fitness over the next three years, which will include mini fitness centres within communities aimed at making exercise more accessible.”


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