Friday, January 23, 2009

CYBEX FT-450 Changes the Functional Training Landscape

“Trends in the fitness industry come and go, but functional training has captured public attention and stayed there. Often under the guidance of a personal trainer or sports trainer, popular approaches to functional training involve exercises that mimic daily activities and athletic movements. In most gyms today there are two primary strength training methods; one is machines that stabilize the body to allow lifting of heavy weights. In the other, the body is unstable which allows muscles to work together but with less weight. Individually both strategies have their advantages, and together they would create a complete functional training solution. Up until now, no product has bridged this gap. The CYBEX FT-450 combines the two exercise methods, for a new total strength training solution. The new CYBEX FT-450 Functional Trainer is a breakthrough product which takes functional strength training to new ground. A unique patent-pending design adds two key features to revolutionize strength training applications. The Progressive Stabilization Pad allows users to incrementally decrease their stability which increases the work the core muscles are called upon to perform. Additionally this feature supports the use of higher weight loads which are typically achievable only on selectorized or other isolative strength machines. The Cable Width Adjustment feature allows innumerable height and width configurations giving the most creative trainers unlimited exercise possibilities.”,688581.shtml

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