Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Technogym Introduces a Brand New Range of Equipment And Programs For Kinesis Exercise

“Technogym introduces a brand new range of equipment and programs for Kinesis exercise Kinesis, the patented Technogym concept allowing free and natural movement is taken into a new dimension with the introduction of new equipment configurations and training programs. Kinesis technology and innovation are now available in different options including Kinesis One, the stand alone workout station offering all Kinesis movement possibilities in a unique piece. Kinesis is born out of the need to bring people closer to physical activity to improve their quality of life. The inspiring principle is to rediscover the beauty of natural movement: a return to the origins of man's movements by taking what the body does naturally and adding resistance, putting the human back in control. Kinesis Class - The new solution for Kinesis classes made of four omega modules. Omega is the brand new Kinesis module combining alpha, beta and gamma movement possibilities and allowing a huge variety of exercises. Kinesis One - The Kinesis innovation and technology is now available in a single stand alone station. Kinesis Method - a new range of programs, Kinesis is a unique movement system allowing more than 400 exercises and movements to improve strength, flexibility and balance.”

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