Monday, June 8, 2009

Being Fit And Healthy Is No Longer A Choice For Americans! Please Join Us

“At this year's IHRSA Convention in San Francisco, launched its Gym Partner program through which partners with gyms worldwide to bring multiple fitness networks together to form the world's largest, and most effective fitness social network. Each gym and its members will benefit from the support and community of an enormous global network, but enjoy a version of that includes the gym's brand and marketing message. ‘Most gyms simply don't have the numbers to maintain an effective social network of their own,’ said founder John Cummings. ‘That's where comes in. We provide each gym its own social network, but ON the network. The gym and its members can interact with both local gym members and users from across the nation and around the world.’ A branded social network within's rapidly growing network increases brand loyalty and member retention, creating additional revenue opportunities for gyms. The Gym Partner program is a simple, but effective solution that provides gyms with a unique opportunity to connect with members 24 hours a day.”

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