Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Exercise May Be The Best Investment In A Recession

“The FIA is meeting at a time when the latest industry statistics - according to the Fitness Index - show the fitness industry to have been more resilient to the downturn than most thought. Unlike many sectors, the industry has not gone cap in hand to the Government but instead has been developing partnerships that matter. The NHS Change for Life campaign is an excellent example of how people's behaviour can be nudged, slowly, towards making better choices. This campaign has been adopted to enhance local initiatives that establish a link between health and some form of activity. Private hospitals and health insurers are involved, too. There is Nuffield Hospitals' purchase and refocus of the former Cannons chain, while Bupa has linked up with David Lloyd Leisure and Fitness First. Meanwhile, PruHealth has been rewarding about 200,000 policy-holders for engaging in healthy behaviour. In the public sector, many health clubs have embraced their local Primary Care Trust (and its money) to deliver GP referral schemes, Swim for Free and Healthy Heart initiatives, to name but three...


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