Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fit Line Launches CYBEX FT-450 - Changes the Functional Training Landscape

“Fit Line has announced the availability of Cybex FT-450 for the Indian market. Cybex FT 450 comes with a stabilization pad which sets this machine apart from any other Cable Pulley machines. Moving the pad just a few inches creates an entirely different effect on the muscles. Because of the versatility in training that it offers, this feature has made this product a very popular machine among athletes across the world. Available at all thirty Three (33) stores of Fit Line in India, the Cybex FT-450 is a total training solution, offering more training options and versatility than any product in its class. The product is available at Rs 5,95,000/-. ‘Whether training is for the upper body, lower body, isolated, or fully integrated, the only limitation to the FT-450 is the user's imagination’, said Mr Harmeet Luthra, Director, Fit Line, exclusive dealer for Cybex in India.

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