Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gold’s Gym Strengthens Global Presence - Forms International Franchise Council; Signals Importance of Growing Chain Outside the United States

“Gold’s Gym, the world’s leading authority on health and fitness, today announced the formation of its International Franchise Council, a committee designed to provide a forum for open dialogue between and among representatives from Gold’s Gym International and Gold’s Gym’s international franchise community. The primary purpose of the forum is for franchisees and the corporate office to have an ongoing discussion about positive business results and how to learn from past experiences for the benefit of the entire Gold’s Gym franchise system. ‘This signals an important moment for our company. It is an indication of the vital role the international community is playing in shaping our organization,’ said Joel Tallman, senior vice president of franchising and global operations for Gold’s Gym International. ‘We now have the Gold’s Gym Franchise Association in the United States and the International Franchise Council abroad. Taken together, some of the best minds in fitness around the world will collaborate to sustain our prominent place in the industry.’ Five individuals will head the International Franchise Council, including: Ian Rondon, Gold’s Gym master franchisee for Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Haiti, Ali Mahmoud, Gold’s Gym master franchisee for Egypt, and Jake Weinstock, Gold’s Gym master franchisee for Russia, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Spain and Portugal along with James Weaver, CEO of Gold’s Gym International, and Tallman.

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