Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Staycation – How about Going to Your Local Health Club?

“As the nation continues to experience significant economic concerns and the summer vacation season kicks into full gear, an ever-increasing number of consumers are seeking proactive solutions that gives them some quality time with their family and friends while also allowing them to relax, rejuvenate and do something good for themselves. We aren’t talking about an expensive summer vacation here. Instead many consumers have an affordable option very close to them that they can use to fulfill all their needs – their local health club. ‘A health club provides so much more than just a place to lift some weights or walk on a treadmill,’ said Jeff Zwiefel, Life Time Fitness senior vice president and exercise physiologist. ‘A person can certainly do those things but they also can go for swim with their kids, take a class with a friend or shoot baskets with a co-worker. A person also can relax in the sauna or whirl pool or enjoy a massage, manicure or pedicure in the spa. At Life Time Fitness, we strive to provide something for everyone and the scope and range of the programs our centers offer is second to none.’ ‘With the full range of options that exist today, it is easy for individuals and families do something that’s good for them financially, mentally and physically and it can work into everyone’s schedule’ said Zwiefel. ‘The secret simply lies in exploring some of the options that are close to you. Life Time Fitness upholds a commitment to and provides an environment for people of all ages and physical abilities to receive the variety and fun they need and a byproduct of this is it also will help them achieve long-term success in health and fitness, and feel good from the inside out.’”


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