Monday, June 15, 2009

Oklahoma Doctor Says Campaign Needed For Prevention

“A robust public health campaign that encourages people to take better care of themselves should be included in health care reform legislation this year, the dean of the public health college at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center said here last week. Dr. Gary Raskob also said that ‘an investment in prevention is absolutely critical.’ Raskob testified before the Senate committee that has developed a draft of health care legislation and has begun intensive hearings into all aspects of the complex issue. President Barack Obama has been pushing congressional leaders to get a major bill done this year, and those leaders are looking for political consensus on some of the more controversial elements. Much of the attention has focused on the insurance part — whether individuals should be required to buy health insurance, employers should be required to provide it or a government health care plan should compete with private ones. Lawmakers also are trying to figure out how to pay for any additional government costs. Obama recently left open the door to taxing the health care benefits that employers provide to workers. But there also has been a focus on containing costs by motivating people to quit smoking, start exercising and develop better eating habits....

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