Monday, May 10, 2010

Doctors Refer Patients To Gym In PREP Program

“About a year and a half ago, Kay Lacy's doctor gave her a different kind of prescription. It was a referral to the gym. Today, she's 40 pounds lighter, her blood pressure has dropped back into the normal range without medication, and she's training to walk a 5K. She's a local success story for an ACAC Fitness & Wellness program that has gained national attention as an alternative to the treat-it-with-medicine approach to health issues. Lacy went to the ACAC on Robious Road in Chesterfield County per her doctor's prescription. There, a nurse and a team of exercise physiologists oversaw her 60-day introduction to better health. After she fulfilled the two-month obligation, she joined the gym. Then she really started to have some fun. ‘The coup de grce was that after I finished all that training, on the weight machines and doing water aerobics, I found out they offered ballroom dancing,’ Lacy said. She loves the ballroom dancing classes and...

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