Friday, May 7, 2010

Groups Vie for $15 Billion In Prevention Money

“Some groups want the bulk of the money earmarked for programs to target specific diseases or problems that affect millions of Americans, such as obesity, diabetes or smoking. But public health officials say the majority of funds should not go solely into fighting specific diseases but be used to bolster agencies whose work targets a broad range of the causes of death and disability. Others advocate using the fund to transform communities to make it easier to exercise and buy fresh produce. Now it is up to the Department of Health and Human Services to decide how to divide up the fund, created by the new health care overhaul law. One thing prevention advocates agree on: they’re disappointed that the fund, which will disburse money over 10 years, isn’t bigger. Even so, they say it’s a big boost for their efforts -- the largest increase in federal prevention dollars since 9/11, says Richard Hamburg, deputy director of the Trust for America’s Health, a nonprofit advocacy group promoting disease prevention. Smoking and obesity programs were the main focus of more...$15-Billion-in-Prevention-Money.aspx

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