Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kroell With the Punches

“The Austrian-born designer Devi Kroell, whose line of handbags made from exotic skins (python, ostrich, alligator) debuted to much acclaim in 2004, is driven when it comes to the company that bears her name (and now includes ready-to-wear, shoes, and stores in New York and Las Vegas) but admits to being a tad lackadaisical when it comes to exercise. ‘I always need to be working on multiple projects at once because I get bored easily,’ Kroell says. ‘However, when it comes to fitness, I’m a naturally lazy person. But exercising is a necessity and I like to push myself with tough activities.’ Two and a half years ago, her personal trainer switched her routine from basic weight-lifting exercises to kickboxing, which she now swears by. ‘It’s about energy release and it feels good to kick and punch.’”


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