Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Psycho Gym Is Old-School Tough

“The human body is pretty amazing. It pushes us out the door to run, propels us through the water when we swim, quivers us through our clumsy push-ups. Thus, it perpetuates the charade that we're in fairly decent shape. Tra, la and la. Then one day, we venture outside our comfort zone and into – the name itself should have warned us – Psycho Gym. This seemingly innocent storefront facility has no elliptical machines, no treadmills, no showers, no pool, no abs machine, no uniformed employees wiping off equipment. It does, however, have kettle bells, which look like oversize fishing weights and are the mainstay of the workouts. Plus, it has co-owners Travis Williams, 29, and Russ Kimzey, 31, who can show us (in no uncertain terms) how to use them. ‘Our philosophy is results at all cost,’ Russ says. ‘We get our clients the results fast by making them work out like they never have before. We do not accept excuses, and we do not tolerate whining. I am not Mary Poppins. There is no spoonful of sugar to help this medicine go down.’...

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