Thursday, October 30, 2008

America On The Move's STEPtember Campaign Inspired More Than 17 Million Americans To Move More And Eat Less

"America On the Move® Foundation Inc., a national nonprofit helping individuals, families and communities make positive changes to improve their health and quality of life, recently wrapped up its third annual STEPtember campaign, demonstrating how easy it is to be active and eat healthier. During the month of September, America On the Move encouraged Americans to try its small-changes approach to healthier living, and more than 17 million people responded by participating in a STEPtember event or registering for the online STEPtember challenge. America On the Move's own research proves that making small, manageable lifestyle changes can help control weight and overall health. The foundation's research-based programs encourage people to move more and eat healthier by making two small daily changes: take 2,000 more steps (about one mile); eat 100 fewer calories (about a tablespoon of butter). Doing so is proven to help stop the average national weight gain of one to two pounds a year. ’Obesity has become a public health crisis that America On the Move is determined to help solve - with simple steps. During this year's STEPtember campaign, we were able to show millions of Americans just how easy it is to take small steps toward a healthier way of life,’ said Dr. James O. Hill, co-founder of America On the Move and director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado Denver. ‘We are thrilled with the participation we saw this year and are encouraged by the sheer numbers of people willing to make positive lifestyle changes in order to achieve better health. This is a great first step to fighting the obesity epidemic.’ Individuals, families, worksites, schools and communities from all 50 states and the District of Columbia participated in America On the Move's STEPtember campaign. During America On the Move Week with the YMCA, more than 1,500 YMCAs nationwide coordinated special local events to inspire individuals and families to take small steps and get active. In fact, through the YMCA events alone, participants logged more than 8 million steps during the STEPtember campaign.”

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