Tuesday, October 28, 2008

High-Tech Elliptical Workout Machines Stand Out From The Rest

“Buying an expensive, all-body elliptical machine -- even cutting-edge models that push the technology envelope like the novel sit-down and multi-mode models tested here -- might seem a bit counterintuitive in the midst of tough economic times. But bull and bear markets don't matter if you think of health as a long-term investment. The four excellent, club-quality machines below, each of which deliver smooth, heart-rate-monitored, arm-and-leg aerobic workouts that burn calories without joint stress, will pay dividends for decades. Precor AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer): Unlike other ellipticals on the market, it features a free-form, user-determined foot motion that can, on the fly, change from a vertical stepping motion to an all-out, full-stride running motion; Octane xRide: The world's first seated elliptical machine; Vision S7200 HRT: Suspension elliptical trainer; PaceMaster Silver XT: Conventional-looking elliptical with an unconventional feel and programming at a price that's a relative bargain.”


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