Wednesday, October 15, 2008

DMAA Launches Online Obesity Resource Center For Professionals, Consumers - Groundbreaking Approach To Obesity Benefit Design Centerpiece Of Site

“DMAA: The Care Continuum Alliance today launched a Web site of information and tools for health plans, employers, physicians, consumers and others in the fight against obesity and its associated conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. The DMAA Obesity Resource Center, at, features the DMAA Obesity Toolkit, a collection of research documents health plans, employers and others can use to design benefits specific to obesity treatment and management. The toolkit includes the DMAA Value-Based Benefit Design for Obesity and Comorbidities, an approach to designing an obesity benefit, which DMAA announced earlier this year. ‘Obesity and its associated comorbid conditions present a severe and growing threat to individual health, workplace productivity and our nation's future,’ DMAA President and CEO Tracey Moorhead said. ‘With our Obesity Resource Center and Obesity Toolkit, DMAA provides health professionals, insurers, consumers and others with the educational resources and hands-on tools they need to effectively fight the obesity epidemic.’
The Web site DMAA launched today features: A downloadable, electronic version of the Obesity Toolkit CD-ROM; Peer-reviewed obesity literature, including select articles from the DMAA journal, Population Health Management; A comprehensive collection of online resources for consumers and providers; An online body mass index (BMI) calculator and related discussion of the significance of BMI measurements; A regularly updated listing of links to articles on obesity and overweight in the lay press; Slides and select archived recordings of 2006 and 2007 Obesity Management Summit presentations; Resources for employers, including the Obesity Toolkit and the Employer Toolkit on Wellness and Disease Management, produced jointly by DMAA and the National Association of Manufacturers in 2007.”

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