Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stay Fit With Aqua Aerobics

“The word exercise reminds one of sweat and exhaustion, but let's stop you before you think of the rigors of a work out. How about floating in water and yet being able to lose flab and stay fit? Well, aqua fitness is the latest fad in the world of fitness and this trend is fast catching up in India too. Aqua Aerobics can be broken into two major areas, which relate specifically to sport, exercise, fitness and health. Firstly, aquatic exercise is any exercise done in water to complement and enhance your regular training and exercise. Secondly, aquatic therapy is any activity performed in water to assist in rehabilitation and recovery from hard training or a serious injury. ‘Aqua aerobics is refreshing as water calms and relaxes one's body,’ remarks Vanita Choudhary, an aqua aerobic professional from Hyderabad. ‘As a low impact exercise, anyone can do aqua aerobics. The body remains submerged in water and this acts a cushion and prevents any form of injury. Moreover, as one has to do the workout against water, the effect is three times multiplied than any exercise done on land,’ further confirms Vanita. ‘Due to the buoyancy effect of water one has to use specialised workout instruments. ‘Though it's not a new water resistance programme in the West, here in India people are just opening up to this new concept and steadily it's gaining popularity. It can be done on all sides, as compared to land-based exercises. Impacts on the lower joints are much less than the land-based exercises and resistance is much higher. Age is no bar for this type of exercise,’ says L. Balasubramaniam, master trainer in Technogym Olympic, Mumbai. ‘Arthritis patients also stand to gain relief from exercising in water. Aqua therapy is conducive for people with severe backaches, pregnant mothers and individuals recuperating from accidents," adds Balasubramanium.”


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