Monday, October 20, 2008

Arizona Citizens Need To Move Around More

“The cooler fall temperatures provide the perfect opportunity for Arizonans to get off the couch and spring into action. A move they need to make according to the latest health statistics which found 25% of all adults in the state are now considered obese and the number of people with diabetes has grown 30% in the last 5 years. ‘We need to commit to a healthier lifestyle now,’ said Will Humble, Public Health Services Deputy Director. ‘Obesity is more dangerous than lightning. Most people will run away from lightning, but they won't walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator.’ The statistics aren't all bad. Arizona adults did a better job eating fresh fruits and vegetables and using medical screenings like colorectal exams. The annual Vital Statistics & Behavioral Risk Factor Survey Reports track information about the prevalence of selected risk behaviors, health conditions, and chronic diseases in adults in the Arizona. The Arizona Department of Health Services provides guidance to help everyone achieve their health goals. Get Moving Arizona highlights some of our programs, but people can start with three simple steps.”

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