Friday, October 17, 2008

Workouts on the Wild Side

“Taking a run through the park may be a good workout for most people, but some exercise enthusiasts are changing up their routine by trying new, unusual workouts. The Chicago area offers a variety of classes being offered that are keeping them entertained and fit: At Flirty Girl Fitness, you won’t find a spinning class. But you will find pole dancing, belly dancing and chair striptease. One of the more popular offerings, according to studio manager Nikki Lee, is the Coyote Ugly class – an exercise routine designed to burn calories while creating a dance that students perform on a specially designed bar in the classroom, just like the movie. Circus Arts - From unicycling to stiltwalking and trapeze acrobatics, The Actors Gymnasium offers circus-themed classes to all fitness levels. Experience juggling or walking a tightrope is necessary. Professionals in the business teach new students the basics on these skills, resulting in a one-of-a-kind workout that you probably won’t find at your average gym. Drop-in classes are available. The S Factor - Former actress Sheila Kelly developed her workout, coined The S Factor, while researching a role as a stripper. The mother of two turned her dancing skills into a full-body workout and opened studios across the country. The S Factor uses a metal pole to learn dance moves, stretches and routines on a pole.
Power Plate - Using low-impact vibration training, students stand on a vibrating platform for only 25 minutes for a full workout. While standing on the plate and holding onto the handles, they work each muscle for 30-60 seconds each before taking minute-long breaks to rest muscles. Go-Go Dancing - The hour-long dance class starts with a five-to 10-minute warm-up, followed by about 45 minutes of non-stop, high-energy movement. Participants will learn a number of go-go moves, such as the pony, the swim, the frug, the watusi. After lots of repetition and building, those moves are put together into a simple choreographed piece. At the end of class, a short cool-down insures muscles are properly stretched.”

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