Friday, October 17, 2008

Do Something Different and Lose Weight

“New research findings which endorse a new approach to tackling obesity will be outlined by two University of Hertfordshire academics next week. In a talk entitled: The Great Weight Debate which will take place on Tuesday 21 October at 8.15pm at the University's Health and Human Sciences Research Institute Showcase, Professor Julia Buckroyd, Director of the University's Obesity and Eating Disorders Research Unit and Professor Ben Fletcher, Head of the School of Psychology will outline why they believe current approaches to obesity have failed to address the problem and they will propose a three-tiered approach which they have proved enables individuals to lose weight and maintain it. The first tier of their approach to obesity involves providing individuals with standard guidelines on diet, exercise and behaviour management. According to Professor Fletcher, these methods alone will not work which is why he has developed a second tier, which he calls the Do Something Different (DSD) approach, based on FIT Science a new technique for facilitating change. Both academics agree that most people who are obese will recover successfully through the second tier, but they acknowledge that a third tier is needed for individuals who need a deeper level of attention to their emotions if they are to lose weight and maintain it. This is an area in which Professor Buckroyd specializes.”

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