Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Motivation Is Key To Beat The Inactivity Crisis, Says 'Take To The Streets’

“Despite the glorious success of Team GB at the Beijing Olympics last summer, the UK is still suffering from a growth in obesity levels which have doubled since the 1980's. Around one in four men and one in three women in the UK are obese, according to government statistics. People who are obese also have an increased risk of high blood pressure and/or cholesterol, type two diabetes, a heart attack or stroke and some forms of cancer. Now, people are being asked to Take To The Streets, to participate in a national activity programme which aims to encourage more people to take part in challenges such as the Bupa Great North Run, to motivate them to change their lifestyles for the better. This follows recent research by UK scientists underlining the importance of having a goal to work towards in order to keep fit and healthy. They have proven that people taking part in activity with the ultimate target of participating in an event, are more likely to improve their activity levels and lifestyles. Founder of the Bupa Great North Run and former Olympian, Brendan Foster, wants to fight obesity by getting more people involved in mass participation events. He said: ‘With the UK being less fit than it ever has been, I feel it is our duty to address the problem of obesity, especially when you see research showing that our children have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.’ ‘Take To The Streets provides the motivation many people need to do something about their fitness and health through a series of exciting, varied nationwide events. We hope that more people than ever will be inspired to take part and join our bid to improve the nation's fitness.’ During the next four years in the lead-up to 2012, Take To The Streets will provide a national network of events to cover a variety of activities including running, walking, cycling, swimming, gym and even dance, with the aim of challenging people to get fit.”


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