Monday, November 3, 2008

Unite For Diabetes Aims For Greater Awareness Among Youth

“As Ibn Battuta Mall gears up for Unite for Diabetes, the city's biggest drive for Diabetes awareness, the focus becomes the youth. This year's campaign will focus on emerging cases of diabetes among children, adolescents and young professionals in the UAE. Marc Jones, Marketing Manager, Ibn Battuta Mall, said, 'Dubai's new generation has a different set of lifestyle challenges than the ones faced by their predecessors and many experts believe that these have contributed to rising incidence of Diabetes in children, adolescents and young professionals.' With this in mind, this year's edition will encourage lifestyle changes and options that are easy to adopt in a city like Dubai. During the week of November 10 - 15 customers can enjoy a wide range of activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. 'Diabetes is on the rise due to serious environmental and genetic conditions,' said XX Dr. Suresh Menon, Specialist Internal Medicine, Jebel Ali Hospital. It presents itself as a formidable and debilitating condition that can only be attacked by a conscious change in attitude and lifestyle.' Making an effort to introduce unconscious exercise such as walking, climbing stairs, doing household chores along with diet control measures will assist in the prevention and reduction of the disease.”

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