Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Active Lifestyle Aids Kidneys, Colon Cancer Survivors

“You may know this already, but here's more proof: Leading a physically active life yields multiple health dividends, according to four studies published today in the Archives of Internal Medicine. One study suggests that physical activity may help keep the kidneys of older adults in tip top shape, while another hints that a combination of a healthy waist size, not smoking, and aerobic fitness protects against heart disease and premature death. A third study provides some of the first evidence that colon cancer patients who are physical active lower their odds of having their cancer recur. While being physical active is known to help prevent the development of colon cancer, few studies have determined its effect on colon cancer survivors. The fourth paper suggests that people who cut back on time spent watching television are apt to take part in more active heart-healthy pursuits. In a commentary published with the research, Dr. Janet E. Fulton, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, and co-authors say, ‘Each of these four studies makes a unique and valuable contribution to the evidence relating physical activity to health and provides additional data showing that physical activity is important for many facets of health.’ ‘Taken together, these studies show that a relatively small investment in a physically active lifestyle yields a large return on health,’ they conclude.”


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