Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Anytime Fitness Clubs in Medica Service Area are Now Part of Fit Choices(SM) by Medica Network“Effective April 1, 2008, Medica members throughout Medica’s service area will have additional facilities at which to improve their health and save money. All Anytime Fitness club franchises in Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota -- 115 in total -- now are available to Fit Choices by Medica participants. Fit Choices by Medica, the first program of its kind in Minnesota, is designed to help members improve their health and save membership and health care dollars. Medica members who participate in Fit Choices get a $20 monthly membership credit just for exercising at an Anytime Fitness location eight or more days per month. Medica members with questions about the Fit Choices program should contact Medica customer service at the phone number on the back of their Medica ID cards.”

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