Thursday, April 10, 2008

McDonald's Praised for Healthier Vision-New Zealand

Politicians considering tougher anti-obesity laws found themselves congratulating fast-food giant McDonald's yesterday for its health drive. McDonald's bosses drew the compliments during an appearance before a select committee hearing submissions on the Public Health Bill, which provides new ways for the Cabinet or Director-General of Health to act against suspected causes of obesity. McDonald's was preceded yesterday by health sector groups who urged MPs to use the bill's new powers with courage and urgency. McDonald's managing director Mark Hawthorne then told MPs the hamburger chain broadly backed the bill but opposed potential new regulatory powers within it. He revealed that 20 per cent of the company's total sales in New Zealand now involved items from its ‘lighter choices’ selection of healthier foods such as salads and fruit. A $1 million change in the cooking oil used by McDonald's had cut saturated fat levels by 83 per cent, he said, and the amount of sugar in hamburger buns had been reduced by 40 per cent.”

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