Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fargo Fitness Center Places Focus On The Family

Mariah Prussia tries to get to know everyone who walks through the doors of her Fargo fitness center. ‘It’s a family atmosphere,’ said Prussia, who owns Xtreme Measures and is one of the center’s seven trainers. Xtreme Measures opened in July 2007 with 2,000 square feet of space. The center recently expanded to add on 3,600 square feet. Along with the expansion, the center added a larger group fitness studio, a weight room, an additional locker room, and drop-in child care. The center is subleasing space for life coaching, massage, reflexology, and facials and waxing. ‘They’re great assets. They coincide really well with health and wellness,’ Prussia said. Xtreme Measures is a women-only fitness center because women focus more on themselves when there are no men around, Prussia said. ‘Women have more issues with self-esteem than men do. Our goal is to help women empower themselves,’ she said. Clients range in age from 15 to 75. The average age is 35 to 40, Prussia said. ‘It’s easier for women to come in here and feel more at home and more at ease,’ said Sarah Baker, sales and marketing director. Tonya Poole of Fargo joined Xtreme Measures because it is a smaller facility for women only. ‘I don’t feel quite as self-conscious,’ she said. ‘It’s not so overwhelming.’ Xtreme Measures offers personal training, weight management and classes such as yoga, Pilates, spinning and kickboxing. The center also offers more unusual workouts such as Drums Alive, an aerobic workout using stability balls, drumsticks and high-energy music, and Zumba, a workout that incorporates five dancing styles. ‘A lot of women have really stepped outside of the box by doing Zumba, and they love it,’ Prussia said. The facility offers additional ways to make fitness fun through summer boot camps and weight-loss challenges with prizes and incentives. ‘It’s fun to see all the changes. It’s not only the physical changes; it’s the mental changes as well. You can tell when they’re walking, they have their head up instead of looking down when they lose weight, it’s great,’ Prussia said. Memberships are $30 to $42 a month.”

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