Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Xpress Fitness Centre Opens in Delhi

“There is a new women’s circuit training facility in town and with its bright red walls and friendly faces, there is no shortage of energy in the room. Taking over the same location that Curves for Women once stood, Delhi native Cheri Kantor, has opened Xpress Fitness, a ladies only facility. ‘We thought Xpress was a fitting name because really, who is more busy than women?” she asked. “You can get in, work out, get out and get on with your day. We have the weight of the world on us and rarely have time to workout so a 30-minute circuit is perfect.’ Having worked at Curves for six years, Kantor is trained in circuit training. Now, she is also Smart Tan certified and offers women many extras at Xpress such as a stand-up tanning facility. It is ladies circuit but we offer so many extras,’ she said. ‘We have free weights, steps, a treadmill, yoga balls. Let’s be honest, circuit can get very boring… so this is how we keep a variety. We’re finding a lot of women are enjoying their workouts followed by a tan to relax and cool-down.’ Featuring all 11 pieces of circuit equipment that Curves once offered, Kantor says many ex-Curves members are now returning. Once Curves closed, members were forced to go out of town to exercise in Simcoe, Tillsonburg or Ingersoll. ‘Its hard to find time to work out, let alone drive a far distance to work out,’ Kantor said. After being open for only a week and a half, Kantor already has more than 30 members and expects many more to walk through the doors. ‘I’m a friendly face,’ she said. ‘I know most of the ladies who were members at Curves and we built a reputation. I hope many more come back because we are a lot less rigid with our training and I welcome and encourage all suggestions. I want them actually because then we can accommodate every woman of every age.’”

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