Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Find The Perfect Gift For People With Special Considerations

“We've all got those people on our holiday gift lists for whom it is particularly difficult to shop. It could be your techno-geek uncle, brainiac dad or raw vegan sister who eschews all things commercial. But shopping for someone who has recently fallen ill or is going through a life-altering health change also can be a tricky and delicate task. Area experts offered their gift ideas for people with a variety of special health considerations. Turgut, of Illinois Heart Specialists, and his office team offered a few suggestions for gifts to give those with heart disease. A membership to a local health club or some home exercise equipment could help a person get the 30 to 60 minutes of regular exercise he or she should get three or four times a week. And for those who like to walk, tennis shoes and a pedometer can help a person get motivated to start a fitness regimen. ‘(Exercise) makes a big difference,’ Turgut said.”

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