Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Arthritis and Exercise - Part II

“According to research, people with arthritis can improve their health and well being through exercise. Whether you have arthritis or suspect you have arthritis, it is best you consult with your doctor before starting an exercise program, as part of an overall treatment plan. If your joints hurt, you may not feel like exercising. However, without regular exercise, your joints become even more stiff and painful. If you do not exercise, your muscles go into ‘atrophy’, becoming smaller and weaker, and your bones may become brittle, which leads to other health problems. Without exercise, you may get caught in a cycle of pain, depression and inactivity. If you exercise, you will keep your joints from becoming too stiff. The muscles around your joints become stronger and the bones become stronger and healthier. The exercise process transports nutrients and waste material to and from the cartilage, the material that protects the ends of the bones that form the joints. Exercise improves the range of motion at the joints, keeping you as flexible as possible. Exercise lifts your spirits and helps ward off the cycle of pain, depression and inactivity. Overall there is an enhanced function of joints and quality of life.”


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