Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Government Should Tell Parents If Their Child Is Obese, Parents Say

“Parents are supporting the Government's intended plans to change whether parents are told if their child is obese, but want the plans to go even further than those currently proposed. In a study of Child Obesity to be launched next week by Havas media agency MPG, 9-in-10 parents (89%) believe the government should actively tell parents if their child is obese. This is in line with present government intensions. However, 7-in-10 parents (72%) believe parents should NOT be allowed to opt out of being told if their child is obese. Currently, the government is planning to allow parents the chance to opt out from receiving their child's results. As part of the government's National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP), every year, children in Reception and Year 6 are weighed and measured during the school year to allow analysis of trends in growth patterns and obesity. Currently, to get their child's results, parents need to request them (i.e. actively "opt in"). The Government intends to change legislation so that parents receive their child's results, regardless of their weight, unless the parents request not to receive the results (i.e. actively ‘opt out’).”


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