Monday, June 16, 2008

Most Kids Not Getting Enough Exercise

“Just three in 10 children in Ireland take part in at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day – the minimum recommended amount, new research has shown.
According to the findings from the HSE, Safefood and the Northern Ireland Health Promotion Agency (HPA), while 85% of children enjoy physical activity every day, around 70% are not reaching the recommended amount of one hour per day. Furthermore, eight in 10 parents mistakenly think that their children are reaching this minimum amount. The research noted that children now spend as much time at sedentary activities, such as watching TV and surfing the Internet, as they do engaging in any physical activity. It also noted that while seven in 10 parents agree that their own activity levels and eating habits influence those of their children, just over one in 10 spontaneously mentioned making changes to their own habits as a means of tackling potential obesity problems among their children. “It is now very clear that it is not about severe or fad diets nor is it about running a marathon, but little steps along the way to a healthier future,” commented Catherine Murphy, assistant national director of population health with the HSE.”

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