Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Disney Launches "Healthy Families" Initiative With Kaiser Permanente

“While more than two-thirds of parents surveyed say they are concerned about the healthy ingredients in the food their child eats, just under half of parents know the correct number of recommended daily servings of whole grains for children. And more than half say their child exercises for an hour or less each day, while nearly nine of every 10 people eat fast food one to two times a week, according to a recent online survey about healthy living from Disney Furthermore, according to general healthcare standards based on age, height and weight, one in five of the surveyed parents have children who are considered overweight or at risk for being overweight. Disney and Kaiser Permanente have joined to help close that gap on nutrition knowledge and to help parents encourage their children to become more physically active. In addition to the survey findings, the new Disney "healthy families" section features tips and ideas aimed at providing ways parents can make lifestyle changes for themselves and their families. As part of the initiative Disney will look to collaborate with Kaiser Permanente, leveraging the health care organization's health content and experts to communicate the importance of nutrition and exercise to parents, and offer real strategies for families to improve and maintain their health.”

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