Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cia Athletica Launches Campaign In Which The Weight Lost By Their Members Will Turn To Food For Undernourished Children

“Cia Athletica has decided to give a push to those of their members who need more motivation to eliminate some extra kilos: turning the excess of weight into food help for undernourished children. Through Instituto Cia Athletica, the gym chain launches the Super 100 Challenge – a 100-day weight loss program in which kilos eliminated by the participants will be assigned for care institutions fighting child malnutrition. The program will start in August in all of the 12 fitness centers of the chain and will be exclusive for members aged 18 years or over and, who hold an updated medical examination. To join the challenge, the member has to enroll and must participate in an initial weighing session (in order to set the target weight goal) and, in a final session on the 100th day with a physical evaluator. Weekly weight checks, made by professional monitors from the bodybuilding area, will help the participant to control their target goal. People under or at their ideal weight will not be allowed in the program. Cia Athletica will assign R$10 to pre-selected institutions for every kilo eliminated by a participant. ‘The Super 100 Challenge is an intelligent way to promote volunteering, to highlight the importance of the performance of some actions to combat malnutrition and to draw attention to overweight problems,’ says President of Instituto Cia Athletica, Daniel Adler. ‘The idea is that our members can have a different incentive and thus achieve their goals,’ says Marketing Director for the chain Marco Nisti. With the Super 100 Challenge, Cia Athletica inaugurates the concept of feeding recycling, in which one person’s extra weight (which may be considered superfluous) turns into feeding for children in need. Every gym center will help a local organization (see chart below). The weight lost by the members at the fitness centers in São Paulo will be to the advantage of Centro de Recuperação e Educação Nutricional (CREN), a philanthropic institution linked to Universidade Federal de São Paulo (Unifesp), which offers health assistance, nutrition education and Human Resources qualification to care for malnourished children and monitoring their families at risk.”

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