Wednesday, July 2, 2008

On-the-Job Weight Gain

“Forty-five percent of workers have gained weight since starting their current jobs, a recent survey finds. Twelve percent have experienced a weight gain of more than 20 pounds, while 26 percent have gained more than 10 pounds. Although no demographic seems to be immune from workplace weight gain, 50 percent of women claim they have put on weight during the course of their current job, while 42 percent of men say the same. In an industry comparison, financial services and government employees experienced the most weight gain, with 53 percent and 52 percent respectively. The lowest weight gain was reported by retail and leisure and hospitality employees, with 36 percent and 41 percent respectively. Not surprisingly, even at work your diet plays an important role in weight gain. Thirty-eight percent of employees eat out at least twice each week, which means more temptation to pick up greasy fast food than if you had packed your own lunch. Perhaps worse for your health is buying lunch from a vending machine, which 12 percent of workers do at least once a week. Sixty-six percent of employees have at least one snack every day, while nearly 25 percent have two or more. Of course, one of the best ways to keep extra pounds at bay is to hit the gym. Unfortunately only 9 percent of employees make the trip during the workday. Employers are attempting to make it easier for their workers to get to a gym, however, as 28 percent of companies offer gym passes, on-site workout facilities or wellness benefits.”

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