Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Heart Research UK Says 'Obesity Gene' Is An Excuse For Piling On The Pounds

“National charity, Heart Research UK, has commented that the recent headline claiming an 'obesity gene' causes people to put on weight by keeping them hungry, is only a small factor into why people are overweight and shouldn't be used as an excuse for them to accept their size. Barbara Harpham, National Director of Heart Research UK, says: ‘This information is a useful thing to know but it is an explanation, not a reason. Findings like these can give those who are prone to being overweight an excuse to accept their size and not do anything about it. What they have to remember is that, behind the headline, this is only a small factor in why people are overweight - they have to make the right choices.’ The research, carried out by the University College of London, said that ‘Usually the act of eating ‘switches off’ the appetite and creates a feeling of satiety or ‘fullness’, but the FTO gene stops this from happening." On the other hand, Heart Research UK say that, although a percentage of the public may have this gene, it should not deter them from eating a healthy balanced diet and taking regular exercise which will become second nature within time. They also emphasised how important it is that people are given lifestyle advice and encouraged to make healthy lifestyle choices.”

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