Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Local Gyms Not Feeling Crunch of Recession So Far

“As businesses tighten their belts while riding out rocky times, San Diegans remain worried enough with their waistlines to keep the health club industry afloat. Alden Perando, manager of UrbanBody Gym & Juice Bar in Hillcrest, says membership is up 10 percent over last year, an average annual percentage increase since the gym’s 2003 opening. ’We have noticed higher gym usage from people who didn’t come in as often in the past,” Perando said. ‘They’re already paying a monthly membership fee, so it seems they’ve decided to take advantage of it more now, and it gets them out of the house.’ Average daily attendance at the end of 2007 was between 160 and 180 people, Perando says, and now that figure has grown to more than 200 visitors, with 1,150 members enrolled. Only 15 percent of the U.S. population is health club members, while more than 21 percent locally are members, according to the Boston-based International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association. That makes San Diego ninth on IHRSA’s 2007 ranking of highest health club membership numbers in major U.S. cities. IHRSA spokeswoman Rosemary Lavery said membership levels remained flat nationwide at 41.5 million as of January 2008. ’The members in the clubs are still spending money on products and services not related to their dues such as massage, acupuncture and nutrition counseling,’ Lavery said.”


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