Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Might The Olympics Inspire You To Exercise More And Eat Better? Heart Research UK Tips

“It's Olympics time again and, even if we can't travel to Beijing, we can still be inspired to exercise more as we watch athletes on TV compete in almost every sport imaginable. We can also get into the Olympic spirit at home by cooking some healthy Chinese dishes and encouraging young ones to try new healthy foods and flavours. Watching Olympians compete is great but even better if it spurs us on to exercise more; so organize a kids' mini-Olympics in your garden or local park and record their efforts as they race, hurdle over cushions, jump in the sandpit or play ball games. Arrange a swim-athon at your local pool, a long bike ride or badminton session - ask the children for ideas, they'll have plenty. Keep their energy levels up and their hearts healthy by giving them healthy snacks and meals this summer. Serve up a plate of 'Olympic rings' made from rings of red, yellow, orange, green and even brown peppers. Nutritious healthy food and plenty of exercise brings out the best in athletes and will do just the same with your young ones, so make this an Olympic heart-healthy summer for all.”

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